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Another blog  featuring Red Dons records for download. Here you can find Escaping Amman 7″, Death to Idealism LP, Fake Meets Failure LP, and the new A Forced Turning Point 7″.

Download them from: Fruitonia

or you can Click HERE to download our new album FAKE MEETS FAILURE. The album is $5 and all proceeds go directly to the band, not to itunes or any other outside corporation. This money helps us tour and record. But if you’re strapped for cash, you can always download the album for free!


*You can download our LP’s and the A-sides of our 7″s FREE HERE*

If you do buy our records this money helps us tour and record.

Red Dons live in London @ Neat Neat Neat 29.4.11 playing My Life in Exile / Superficial

“After many delays it’s finally here! The debut 7” by Berlin based BLANK PAGES. Members were / are active in bands like IDLE HANDS, MODERN PETS, LIES FEED THE MACHINE and DRAMAMINE. They pick up the torch from IDLE HANDS playing meldoic punkrock with a certain WIPERS twist and offer 4 songs on this EP. Watch out for them playing your town soon!

For a copy please send 6.50 EUROS (Germany) or 8 EUROS (rest of the world) ppd via paypal to OR buy it from our webstore”

Buy it here from Taken By Surprise Records!


No More Art from Hamburg. Before and after Mastering. New 7″ coming soon.

Perpeteia Mastered

Perpeteia Unmastered

: 7″

There is a small hand of punk bands that are unmistakably down that, I’m sure, would have a very wide appeal among people who “used to like punk” or “outgrew punk,” as well as, “Oooh, what’s this punk stuff about?” people. I’m not talking about the Rancid/Green Day axis of mainstream appeal. I’m talking the potential Fugazi levels of sustainability—large level, international underground level. Because the Red Dons are instantly catchy, smart-as-all-hell, musically interesting, and so big and realized in sound, that I’m hard-pressed to think of a band with a largesse of morals that equals the excitement of the music they’re currently making. For those who like: punk and/or punk and celebrating under that huge fuckin’ umbrella. Untouchable and worth hunting down? Absolutely.

–Todd Taylor (Taken By Surprise)”

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Are You Tough Enough?: 12” EP

A six-song follow-up to their debut record, Ottawa’s finest return with a great release. They actually remind me of the Minneapolis’s Crash Kids a bit (which is a good thing, trust me). I like “Sabre Tooth” and “What’s Your Problem” the best here. There is a reason Paul Collins brought these guys on tour with them. They simply rock, in the best tradition of 20/20 or The Plimsouls. Pick this up and you will be bopping along when you pick up your burger and strawberry milkshake at your local fast food joint. Yum.

–Sean Koepenick (Taken By Surprise)”

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So What’s Left Now?: LP

Recently re-issued by Taken By Surprise, it never really seemed that hard to find in the States (courtesy of Vinyl Warning), but if there’s a record that deserves to stay in print, it’s this one. Top 10 record of the ‘00s without a doubt. Hauntingly flawless melodies mixed with driving, rallying punk rock and intelligent lyrics. And in the end, as much as I love this record and find myself listening to it years later, one of my favorite things is that these guys are still playing in absolutely killer bands. If you don’t have this, I highly suggest putting down this magazine and getting your hands on it. And while you’re at it track down all the Red Dons, Defect Defect, and Artic Flowers releases you possibly can.

–Daryl Gussin (Taken By Surprise)”

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Red Dons – “Pariah” – [Deranged Records]

Red Dons is the primary band from what’s called the Vagabond Sound Music Collective based in Portland, started by Doug Burns (lead vocals/guitar) and Hajji Husayn (bass/vocals). While many folks have been in and out of the band, this collection is Burns, Husayn, Richard Joachim (drums/vocals) and Will Kinser (lead guitar) of Born/Dead (see A library).

Pariah is a very fast, in yo’ face punk track with a flat, repetetive guitar melody in the background. These guys know how to rock out.

It’s Your Right is a GEM! It changes tempo a couple times in the song, and switches from what sounds like three different tracks. They fit together very well. PLAY THIS SONG!

Very versatile for a punk group, these guys are pro”

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Mastering the L.A. Drugz recordings for their debut LP. Recorded at Cali Mucho Studios in San Pedro.

L.A. Drugz are a new band featuring Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls, Suspect Parts), James Carman (Images), Cezar Mora (Bad Machine, Switchups), and Johnny Reyes (Images). They play Rock ‘N Roll music. They are coming to your town.

Fri Nov 18th Sacramento, CA @ Java Lounge
Sat Nov 19th San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Fri Dec 2nd San Pedro, CA @ Harold’s
Wed Dec 14th Long Beach CA @ Moss n Rock (Formerly Hilo Shop)
Sat Jan 14th Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood

Listen here. More info here

Here is a before and after Mastering preview of the new Youth Avoiders Time Flies 7″ coming out on Destructure / Build Me a Bomb Records. 500 copies slated for November / December release.

Red Eyes Mastered


Red Eyes Unmastered


It Follows – Download their 2010 demo and read an interview with the band.

Download the Youth Avoiders / Zombies Are Pissed! Split 7″ (2011)

Build Me a Bomb Records

Destructure Records


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