Mastering Synthetic ID for the upcoming 7″ release of the demo cassette on Cut the Cord That… Records.

“There’s a new best band in San Francisco. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it every time. SYNTHETIC ID play jerky and genuine jams for fans of WIPERS, THE FALL, PERE UBU and OBSERVERS. “Throwaway” is among the greatest songs I’ve heard in years – this three song banger is angular and deliberate, and the guitars are brilliant. Speaking of guitars, they are handled by the most understated and prolific musicians I’ve ever come across, who is also a contributing member of FACE THE RAIL, ECOLI, YADOKAI, and HUNTING PARTY. This demo is short, to be sure, but so very sweet.”

Download the demo here.

See the original Terminal Escape blog post here.

From Cut the Cord That Records…:

“Will be a split release between the band and Cut the Cord That… Records. There will be 200 copies for Europe. Please get in touch with the band if you live over the ocean:

Email if you need a copy or more info:

Price: 4,00€ plus postage.

Wholesale: 2,90€ plus postage”