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Hypnotized: 7” single
The Alex Fine cover art worked really well in getting me to pick up this record. Reminds me of Mike Allred (Madman, iZombie comics) in a lot of ways. Not only is the cover art really good, but so is the music: poppy garage punk that moves at a really nice pace. Both songs on here are pretty solid. Can’t decide which I like more, as they both have a way of staying with you long after the record is over. “Nothing” is the more poppy of the two and moves at a somewhat more mid-paced tempo. The repetitive riff is simple and catchier than hell. “Hypnotized” is a little heavier and more driven. I like the organ that is slightly buried in the chorus. The delivery is great and the line, “When I saw you I was hypnotized” sums it up. –Matt Average (Windian,”

Mondo Ray – Hypnotized Mastered


“Mondo Ray – “Hypnotized/Nothing”

The title track sounds like, if you can use your imagination, Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” sung by Steppenwolf’s dirty, punk babies. Side two is a little les ambient, and more twang driven. And I mean twang like the sound of a knicker elastic hitting a buttock. In this circumstance, that is a good think. I like this. Two decent songs that just cut to the chains without any hint of self-indulgent twaddle. I would never have guessed these guys were German either and again, that’s a good thing. (GG)


Mondo Ray – Hypnotized Mastered


Red Dons featured in an article about “the New Postpunk” by Souciant Magazine.



Red Dons – “Se Foi”

Portland, Oregon’s Red Dons are such a great band. You’d think more people outside MRR’s readership would be into them. Although I have met no one else who agrees with me on this, I think the singer sounds a wee bit like Morrissey, and that there is something very Smiths-like about them. Perhaps more appropriately, their sound could be compared to Under Two Flags. Whatever the case, Red Dons are one of those bands that will bug you to death for sounding like someone, except for the life of you you can’t think of who. They essentially used to be The Observers, whose  So What’s Left Now LP is also a mandatory document. Red Dons have a page here:

Read the rest of the Article Here. An interesting hypothesis for a punk dialectic.

“MOTHER’S CHILDREN European Tour May 2012!


I’m stoked to announce that MOTHER’S CHILDREN from the city of Ottawa plan on touring Europe finally in May 2012! If you wanna have them play your town, get in touch through – a tentative schedule will follow soon. We released their ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH 12″ EP this year and they have a full length LP out on DERANGED RECORDS. Check out a song from the EP and a video from their LP below!”

MOTHER’S CHILDREN – (Baby You Ain’t) Tough Enough by tbsr.


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Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

“The next Release on Erste Theke is ready! No More Art is comprised of people from rather dissimilar backgrounds in music, but the elements are easy enough to lay out. There are the surf-drenched guitars, the complementary female vocals, and the rock ‘n’ roll frenzy of X (Los Angeles), some of what has been brewing in Denmark and Sweden over the last decades with bands like MASSHYSTERI / VICIOUS, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, but also with lots of melody and leads that is reminiscent of 80’s LA bands like SOCIAL DISTORTION and ADOLESCENTS, but with a unique sound of their own as well. Lead singer Milo has been paying her dues for some years now as a singer song writer in her own solo project ROSIE TIE. Drummer Juan Miguel has been busy on the heavier side of music, playing guitar in bands like LOS DOLARES, ETACARINAE, and PELIGRO!, in Barcelona over the past decade. Will has also done time in many bands over the past decade with groups BORN/DEAD, DESOLATION, SUICIDE BOMB, DOPECHARGE, and most recently Portland’s RED DONS. Recorded by Dennis Rux at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios and mastered by RED DONS Hajji Husayn in a 80s sound that made you KBD fans out there forget the modern world. Enjoy the first No More Art songs!

500 are made

400 Black Vinyl ( With normal Center Hole )
100 Black Vinyl ( ETT Version – With Big Center Hole )
5 Testpress ( Different Artwork )”

Original Post and and where you can get it HERE.


No More Art is my new band in Hamburg Germany. This is our first demo after playing for a very short while together. It was recorded in HH at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios with Dennis Rux and mastered by Hajji Husayn of Red Dons. We tried to go for a warm sound that you can hear every instrument, the end result is pretty good I think.This tape is available through Kink Records here in Europe.”

Original Post HERE

Download the Demo HERE

Get it at Kink Records

Perpeteia Mastered

Perpeteia Unmastered

“After an impressive demo in 2010 and an awesome split with Zombies Are Pissed this year, here is the first E.P_. from YOUTH AVOIDERS from Paris. 4 tracks of epic, melodic, singalong-ish Punk Rock/Hardcore. Split release with Destructure.”

Youth Avoiders “Time Flies E.P.” 7″

December 2011
500 copies :
100 regular copies with clear red vinyl
320 regular copies with black vinyl
80 with artwork by Nagawika (band only copies)



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Red Eyes Mastered


Red Eyes Unmastered


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