Red Dons featured in an article about “the New Postpunk” by Souciant Magazine.



Red Dons – “Se Foi”

Portland, Oregon’s Red Dons are such a great band. You’d think more people outside MRR’s readership would be into them. Although I have met no one else who agrees with me on this, I think the singer sounds a wee bit like Morrissey, and that there is something very Smiths-like about them. Perhaps more appropriately, their sound could be compared to Under Two Flags. Whatever the case, Red Dons are one of those bands that will bug you to death for sounding like someone, except for the life of you you can’t think of who. They essentially used to be The Observers, whose  So What’s Left Now LP is also a mandatory document. Red Dons have a page here:

Read the rest of the Article Here. An interesting hypothesis for a punk dialectic.