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Mother’s Children “Are You Tough Enough?” EP

I must say I have no love for our nation’s capital. It is way too fucking cold, way too fucking far from any other decent cities, a shitty drive from Toronto & just offers nothing I need. Peterborough high school gods Candywheel sang “get me out ofOttawa” years ago and it immediately comes to mind when someone mentions the city. All that aside, I love this Mother’s Children EP. Much like the aforementioned Barreracudas, this band sees the value in delivering the short sharp blast. Are You Tough Enough hits the roller rink flying and never lets up. The recording is fantastic – bright & ballsy – perfectly capturing a young band’s boundless energy and joy. Guitars crunch, bass pumps and drums pop huge in the mix, somehow not burying the abundant vocal harmonies.  Highlights in this economical set include punk rock Byrds jangler “Messin Around”, which features my favourite non-Weiss drum fills of the year, and the relentlessly hooky, Devo-nodding “Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”.

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Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Mastered