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Mastering two songs for a new Red Dons 7″.

Hopefully it will be coming out soon. Both songs recorded in Stockholm Sweden by our friend Lars in a Cold War era bomb shelter during our European tour 2011. Special thanks to Lars, Johan, Hanna Hirsch, and Förmögenhet.

Great review of the Alchemists EP “Sunny Days” in Sujeira Webzine.

If your Portuguese is wanting the gist of it is: they play garage punk that is clean and creative in the style of the Adolescents. Guaranteed one of the best releases of Brazilian punk of the year. Already sniffed out by Maximum Rock n’ Roll,  if you don’t know these punkers from Volta Redonda download the EP HERE.

“Volta Redonda é seguramente uma das cidades que abriga a maior concentração de boas bandas por metro quadrado. Desta vez quem está com gravação nova e surpreendendo a muita gente, é o The Alchemists, que acaba de lançar o EP “Sunny Days”. Mesmo com pouco tempo de existência, eles vêm se destacando devido a sua incontestável qualidade, tocando um Punk Rock garageiro limpo e criativo, no melhor estilo The Adolescents. Além do instrumental totalmente coeso, vale destacar o vocal, que é um dos melhores ouvidos pelo Punk brasileiro nos últimos anos.

O EP com certeza já garantiu seu lugar dentre os melhores lançados neste ano. A banda já foi citada pela Maximum Rock N’Roll, revista referência quando se trata de Hardcore/Punk. Se você curte um Punk Rock e ainda não conhece este magnifíco quarteto volta redondense, pode agora fazer o download aqui.

Original Post here.

Alchemists – 1984 Mastered

Sneak preview of Warsong‘s new record coming out on  SabotageErste Theke Tonträger, and Doomtown Records!

Four song 12″ EP – The Caravan.

Listen to the title track before and after Mastering.

Warsong – Caravan Unmastered


Warsong – Caravan Mastered



Featured in the VIBRATOR BUZZ BLOG


Are You Tough Enough ?



Oh Canaduh, you still make me shake my broken bones with a deadly dose of your highly infectious Powerpop-Glam´N´Roll combining only the best songs of the first three Powerpearls Compilation Volumes with barroom boppers like “Milk & Alcohol” or “She´s A Windup” by DR. FEELFGOOD.
Did you ever wish for those to be put on the same stage list as THE BOYS, THE STIFFS or FAST CARS ?
Then these fellow Canucks are the ones to send your record order to ! Please don´t forget putting on some EDDIE & THE HOT RODS while writing this order, it just would be the perfect match.”

Mother’s Children – Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Mastering the War Goes On for New Dark Age Records.

Picks up where the Snipers and No Hope for the Kids left off. Melancholic punk rock out of Copenhagen.

Download the 2011 Demo here:

Their pages:

Mixing the demos for the Hungarian band Kemény Henrik from Szöged.

Maximum Rock and Roll (#336) recently featured an article about the scene there. You can see scan’s of it here or read it in blog form here. Red Dons also recently played in Budapest and had an amazing night care of the Defekt Punks.

Kemény Henrik – live @ Budapest, 2011. 05. 30. (first show)


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