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Listen to a track from the new The War Goes On 7″ coming out soon on New Dark Age Records!

Counter Attack before and after Mastering:

The War Goes On – Counter Attack Mastered


The War Goes On – Counter Attack Unmastered


Sneak preview of L.A. Drugz new 12″ record coming out on Hovercraft records!

Listen to a track before and after Mastering

L.A. Drugz – All the Time Unmastered


L.A. Drugz – All the Time Mastered


Mother’s Children and Role Models records were both picked for the Top 10 EP’s released in 2011 by Power Pop Action, both of which were Mastered here.

“All Chewed Up”


 “Are You Tough Enough?”

3.- THE CRY! (USA)


“ Fuck You, See You At The Talent Constest”

5.- MITTENS (España)

“Singles Collection”


“8 Track Breakdown”


“Est Your Moneys”



“The Dark Delights of The Wicked Whispers”

10.- CHIXDIGGIT (Canadá)

“Safe Ways Here We Come”

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Mother’s Children – Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Masetered


Role Models  – Cherry Dear Mastered


Mastering a new Mother’s Children 7″ coming out this Spring on Timmeheiehumme/P.Trash Records & We Are Busy Bodies Records.

Mother’s Children will also be touring Europe in May.

Tour info:
05/04 Tübingen – Epplehaus GER
05/05 Leipzig – Atari GER
05/06 Berlin – Cortina Bob GER
05/07 Hamburg – Molotow Bar GER
05/08 Groningen HOL
05/09 Kortrijk – The Pit’s BEL
05/10 Paris – TBA FRA
05/11 Bordeaux – TBA FRA
05/12 Madrid – Wurlitzer Ballroom ESP
05/13 Barcelona – Moog Bar ESP
05/14 St.Etienne / Lyon FRA
05/15 Torino – TBA IT
05/16 Milan – TBA IT
05/17 Padua – TBA IT
05/18 Vienna – TBA AUT
05/19 Passau – Tabakfabrik GER
05/20 Munich – Kafe Kult GER

In the meantime listen to a song off their 12″ EP on Taken By Surprise.

Mother’s Children – Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Mastered


Thee Chemicals – Chemical Livin’

Recorded in 2009 at Buzz Or Howl Studios Portland, Oregon with Jonny Cat on vocals and the Red Dons as back up during the same sessions as the Fake Meets Failure LP. Actually it was even recorded on the same master tape. Released on Jonny Cat Records, the very same legendary underground label that is everywhere and nowhere at once, who put out records by the Triggers, Clorox Girls, Observers, Flip-Tops, Diskords, Autistic Youth and many many others.

The band has gone through several mutations.

The first 7″ “Bubble City” saw Jonny working with members of the Triggers.

Later the members of the Red Dons joined up and recorded the Chemical Livin’ LP.

Next they recorded the “Don’t Cry for Me” 7″ with a new members except Richie on drums.

Currently they are still playing and recording. Another LP is in the works and they are working with Taken By Surprise Records on the next release and represses.

Experience the Genius of Jonny Cat and download the Chemical Livin’ LP HERE.

Chemicals – Chemical Burn Mastered


“Der übliche WIPERS-Gitarrenpunk wird mit Powerpop kombiniert. Eine gewisse Melancholie spielt neben aller Schönheit immer eine Rolle. Der Song “A forced turning point” ist ganz cool, schrammt aber auch haarscharf an der Belanglosigkeit entlang. Auf der 2.Seite hören wie “Se foi”, einen komplexen, ausgefeilten Song, der nicht allzu weit von MASSHYSTERI und den TERRIBLE FEELINGS entfernt ist.  Das Cover besteht aus Karton und wurde ziemlich fein mit Silber und Schwarz bedruckt. Bei den RED DONS bestechen Artwork und Musik immer durch diese Schlichtheit. Hier wird nichts aufgepumpt. Die RED DONS kommen ganz ohne fette Ausrufezeichen aus. Man läuft nie Gefahr den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht zu sehen. Alles konzentriert sich auf das Wesentliche, das wirklich Wichtige. Und das ist auch eine Kunst. Micha.- (Taken By Surprise Records)”

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Red Dons – Se Foi Mastered


A new Red Dons song has been released.

Portland Mutant Party Compilation Volume 2 on Johnny Cat Records one of Portland greatest and most underground labels.

It also features songs by such Portland stalwarts as Welcome Home Walker, Defect Defect, Guantanamo Baywatch, and Youthbitch.

You can find it to order at Green Noise Records in Portland, Oregon. If not now, in the near future.

Stream the entire new Warsong 12” on their bandcamp.


Out soon on Erste theke tonträger, Doomtown records, and Sabotage.


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