Thee Chemicals – Chemical Livin’

Recorded in 2009 at Buzz Or Howl Studios Portland, Oregon with Jonny Cat on vocals and the Red Dons as back up during the same sessions as the Fake Meets Failure LP. Actually it was even recorded on the same master tape. Released on Jonny Cat Records, the very same legendary underground label that is everywhere and nowhere at once, who put out records by the Triggers, Clorox Girls, Observers, Flip-Tops, Diskords, Autistic Youth and many many others.

The band has gone through several mutations.

The first 7″ “Bubble City” saw Jonny working with members of the Triggers.

Later the members of the Red Dons joined up and recorded the Chemical Livin’ LP.

Next they recorded the “Don’t Cry for Me” 7″ with a new members except Richie on drums.

Currently they are still playing and recording. Another LP is in the works and they are working with Taken By Surprise Records on the next release and represses.

Experience the Genius of Jonny Cat and download the Chemical Livin’ LP HERE.

Chemicals – Chemical Burn Mastered