Time Flies Razorcake Review.

Time Flies: 7”
Youth Avoiders has been one of my favorite bands of the last few years, and this 7” reaffirms that belief. Between the demo and their split with Zombies Are Pissed, the band got a bit more melodic, a bit more rock’n’roll, while still maintaining the aggression that made the demo so great. This 7” has a similar vibe to the material on the split, with frantic energy and crazy guitar wankery right out of the gate. Lyrically, they are still a bit all over the place, but vocalist Christopher Gautier is so fierce on the mic that the roar of his delivery sells anything they could write about. If you’ve yet to check these guys out, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Highly recommended. –Paul J. Comeau (Build Me A Bomb, youthavoiders@riseup.net)”

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Red Eyes – Mastered


The boys will also be touring the West Coast of the USA.


you can listen to everything they put out online:
Demo tape/7”: http://buildmeabombrecords.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2010
Split 7″ w/ Zombies Are Pissed!: http://destructure.bandcamp.com/album/d … ed-split-7
Time Flies 7” EP: http://buildmeabombrecords.bandcamp.com … -flies-e-p


14/04/2012: TBA

15/04/2012: Santa Rosa w/ Acid Fast

16/04/2012: TBA

17/04/2012: TBA

18/04/2012: Los Angeles

19/04/2012: TBA

20/04/2012: Santa Cruz w/ Acid Fast & Big Kids

21/04/2012: San Francisco w/ Acid Fast

22/04/2012: Santa Rosa TBC w/ Acid Fast

23/04/2012: Portland TBC w/ Acid Fast

24/04/2012: Tacoma w/ Autistic Youth & Acid Fast

25/04/2012: Seattle TBC w/ Acid Fast

26/04/2012: Bellingham TBC w/ Acid Fast

27/04/2012: Portland @ The Know w/ Autistic Youth & Acid Fast

28/04/2012: TBA