Mastering the new Daylight Robbery (Chicago) LP coming out on Residue Records.

Formed in 2005 by David Wolf and Christine Gilliland, initial home recorded demos evolved into a full fledged band with the addition of Tricia Savickius (CONDENADA) on drums in 2006. A short while later, John Trask (FOURTEEN OR FIGHT) took over on drums, and the band recorded its first EP (on Residue Records) and went on a tour of the east coast.

“Daylight Robbery: Sounds like their records come with a spool of police tape that raps around your stereo as it plays. It cordons off a crime scene, sets the place in noir-ish blacks and whites, expands to ten times its original volume, and carefully inspects and detects.”

-Todd Taylor, Razorcake

For lovers of dark punk/post punk. Listen to some of their recent records below. Taken from their Bandcamp page where you can listen to/download more of their records.



Those of you who enjoy this check out Endless Column, a side project from David Wolf that was also mastered here.