“WARSONG, From Zaragoza (Spain). Barely six months after their latest european tour, they’re back on tour again featuring new record- THE CARAVAN EP. 5 songs on a Twelve inches released by Sabotage records, Erste Theke and Doomtown recs.

WARSONG – The Caravan EP (Kalle Stalle). Review-

Here we go, from the ashes of INSOMNIO and NO ESCAPE comes WARSONG with their second release after their impressive “Ancient times” debut-LP. Five songs: all killer no filler (four original songs plus a Wipers song that hasn’t been covered to death – especially not in Spain). On a good day, this record will make out an instant classic, on a bad day you’ll have to play it twice to discover the depth and richness of this record, but you definitely won’t sell it to anyone else again, because real good records stay forever. If you want to describe the sound of WARSONG, put together a band with a young Clif Hanger (The Freeze) fronting an all star band with the best ingredients from DAG NASTY, ALL, THE WIPERS and the mighty ADOLESCENTS. Your wettest dreams come true, if their subject is pure melodic hardcore-punk in classic 80s style. The more often you play this record the bigger it grows … and it’s damn huge right now.

If you trust a over 40 Year Old Punk Rock Nerd, buy this Record or let it be!!!! Again Mastered by genius Hajji Husayn from the awesome Red Dons.

You can listen and download both records here in their website:

FB page:

Live video:

-They still need HELP with some dates. If you want to help them out, drop a line here or write to enterradovivo(a)gmail (dot)com. Any help will be appreciated!

These are the tour dates:

26-Tue – Euskadi —HELP

27-Wed – Paris @ confirmed


29-Fri – Brighton @Cowley Club

30-Sat – Bristol @Red Lion

01-Sun – Edinburgh @
02-Mon – Off

03-Tue – Sheffield @

04-Wed – UK — HELP

05-Thu – London@

06-Fri – Belgium/ North France/Holland — HELP
w/ No more art

07-Sat – Amsterdam @OCCII w/ No more art

08-Sun – Hannover @ UJZ Korn w/ No more art

09-Mon – Dresden/ Leipzig –TBC

10-Tue – Erlangen @Jugendhaus

11-Wed – Tübingen@Epplehaus

12-Thu – Zürich — TBC

13-Fri – Lyon –TBC

14-Sat – Barcelona @Casal de Roquetas”

Taken from the Warsong Facebook tour page.