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“[POST-PUNK POP] Red Dons’ moddish post-punk has never lacked for melody, but the Dons’ new Dirtnap Records 7-inch might be the Portland quartet’s most comely pop product yet. A-side “Auslander” comes within spitting distance of the five-minute mark without ever threatening to overstay its welcome, which is a rare feat. The anthem flies by in classic Adverts fashion, with punk fury mellowed by a helping of melancholic world-weariness; it’s one of those expansive love songs in which romance escapes the trite ties of pair-bonding and attaches itself to existential equations. Which is to say you don’t need to be in love to love “Auslander.” You need only be alive. – Willamette Week


Mastering the new Street Eaters12″ (s/t). It is a six-song, limited-edition 12″ vinyl EP that will be released on vinyl October 15, 2012 on Germany’s excellent Cut The Cord That…Records!

Street Eaters’ new, self-titled EP has been officially released as of September 25 and is available for free streaming+cheap download now on

You can get/preorder a copy in the U.S. either via international mailorder from CTCT Records (

“Street Eaters (Megan March and John No) live in Berkeley, California and are lifelong residents of the East Bay region. The band strives to wring the absolute maximum sound out of a minimalist setup: Megan plays the drums, John plays the bass, and they both sing. The music and lyrics are written entirely collaboratively by the two band members. There is no one else in the band, and there won’t be in the future.

Since their beginning in 2008, Street Eaters have released three 7-inches, a 12-inch EP, and a full-length album on the labels Plan-It X, Bakery Outlet, Starcleaner Dead Broke, and more. A new self-titled 12-inch EP will be released in October 2012 by the German label Cut The Cord That…Records (home of Neon Piss/Hard Skin/Synthetic ID/1981/more…), to coincide with Street Eaters’ first European tour.

Megan also plays guitar in Wild Assumptions, and used to drum for Younger Lovers and Neverending Party. John sings for Fleshies, used to sing for Triclops, and played bass in Harbinger.

Thanks for checking out Street Eaters, and feel free to drop a line to us if you have any more questions: streeteaters[at]

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Thursday, October 4
@Thrillhouse Records, S.F.

STREET EATERS EUROPE TOUR SO FAR – specific details on shows (other bands etc.) coming soon!

16 Koln (DE) – Nantoka Bar
17 London (UK) – Black Heart (Camden) –
18 Bristol (UK) – The Croft –
19 Sheffield (UK) – Audacious Art Experiment (venue announced soon)
20 Edinburgh (UK) – The Braidwood Centre –
21 Newcastle/Durham (UK) – Fish Tank
22 Nottingham (UK) – JT Soar –
23 Caen (FR) – El Camino –
24 **HELP!** We need a show someplace between Caen and Pau in France!
25s Pau (FR) – tba
26 **HELP!** We need a show someplace between Pau and Paris in France!
27 Paris (FR) – La Miroitere w/Seb Radix –
28 Nevers (FR) – Chez Gerard w/Seb Radix
29 Lyon (FR) – La Triperie w/Seb Radix
30 Marseille (FR) – La Salle Gueule w/Seb Radix
31 Nice (FR) – Le Volume w/Seb Radix –

1 Imperia or Genoa (IT) – tba
2 Roma (IT) – tba
3 **HELP!** Ljubljana? Italy?
4 **HELP!** En route to Erlangen…Italy? Austria?
5 Erlangen (DE) – Jugendhaus
6 Budapest (HU) – tba
7 **HELP!** En route to Poland – Vienna? Bratislava? Kosice (SL)? Brno?
8 Poland – tba
9 Poland – tba
10 Poland – tba
11 Leipzig (DE) – Zoro
12 **HELP!** Berlin (DE)
13 **HELP!** Hamburg (DE) (just lost our show)
14 Kiel (DE) – Schaubude
15 **HELP!** Denmark? Southern Sweden? North Germany?
16 **HELP!** Denmark? Southern Sweden? North Germany?
17 Bielefeld (DE) – Ajz
18 **HELP!**
19 Tübingen – Epplehaus (tentative)
20f Mannheim (DE) – Juz
21f Hildesheim – Veb
22? **HELP!**
23j Amsterdam – OCCII

** Street Eaters have a tour/show blog now! **

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