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Nervous powerpop from Denton by people who have brought you bands like Maaster Gaiden, Stymie, and A.N.S. This new 7″ follows two LPs (one on Alive and one on Red Lounge) and a split 10″ with Something Fierce (Dirtnap). Fucking great stuff!”

Taken from the Dirt Cult Records Website


Mastering the Napalm Discography.

For those of you without a grounding in early German punk:

“NAPALM a Punk Rock Band from Hamburg, Germany. They started in 1979 and packed it in 1982/1983 after recording only two 7”.

LUI (Lorenzo Castillo-Sohre) – vocals – speaks Klingon fluently and sang for several other Hamburg based bands as there are: Punkenstein, The Razors (after original singer K. Danker left), the Ramones-Revivalband (later renamed Ramonez’ 77), Jam Today (playing bass, too), Phantastix (1. LP bass, 3. LP vocals), The Bronx Boys , a Misfits-Coverband und several other projects, often existing only for one gig.

MARTIN WITTE – guitar – played with Gutter Snipes, Screamer, Punkenstein, The Razors (melody guitar on Maxisingle “Banned Punx”), Torpedo Moskau, Noise Annoys, Ramonez 77, Bronx Boys, Witte XP. Nowadays he is running a recording studio together with Alfred Grund of the legendary BigBalls&TheGreatWhiteIdiot in Schwissel,Germany.

KAI REDER – drums – his first band was called Gutter Snipes. He started Ramonez’ 77 together with Witte, Lui and the glorious Mr. Zabel, played a short while with Jam Today and Bierspieler, even jumped in for RAZZIA on one ocasion. He joined british hardcore punkband GBH for some years before recording a couple of great 45´s with the Hamburg Punkoutfit Motormuschi. Not to forget a recording session with Moro from Human Punx, which ended up on vinyl called. “Nietzsches Schreibmaschiene”. Latest activities include Thee Hundred Club and brand new project THE LETYOUDOWNS.

ARNE WAGNER – bass – played with Torpedo Moskau, C3I, Square The Circle und Noise Annoys. Currently he is the singer of reactivated Hamburg punkband Bierspieler”

Taken from the Band’s Myspace Page / German Wikipeadia



1980: “Tolle” (7″ EP, Moderne Musik 005)

1982: “It’s a warning” (7″ EP, Konnekschen s10)

1990: “Graffity”, “Tolle”, “Ill weeds grow apace (Kölle alaaf!)” posthum on the Sampler “Paranoia in der Straßenbahn – Punk in Hamburg 1977-1983” (Weird System WS037Y4)

Youth Avoiders  – Time Flies 7″ review in Maximum Rock n Roll.


Mastering the Nervous demo cassette Euro reissue with new art and 3 additional tracks for Offside Records.

In the meantime here is a before and after mastering sneak preview!

Trephination Unmastered


Trephination Mastered



New Thee Spivs Video for Television Screen.


The video was made by the very talented Melanie Malherbe.
TV Screen is available to own on 7″ white vinyl. Get it here!

Mastering the new Sorry and the Sinatras “Kings of Shambles Street” EP on Bomber Music.

5 new songs, coming out soon.

““Nothing’s going to kill you faster than rock ‘n roll!”

Don’t those words ring true? Sorry And The Sinatras certainly know all about life in the fast lane – as their dirt bomb explosive debut album ‘Highball Roller’ shows so well!

You see, Sorry And The Sinatras specialise in high octane kick-ass punk rock – high on flare, punishing, driving riffs and spit ‘n’ sawdust professionalism. Formed 18

months ago by frontman/ guitarist Scott Sorry – who currently also plays a mean bass with UK rock legends The Wildhearts – S&ATS also feature fellow Americans Lenny Thomas (drums) and Roger ‘Rags’ Segal (bass/ vocals) and UK guitarist Dave Kerr. The Anglo-American twist gives this quartet a truly unique chemistry that truly reflects in ‘Highball Roller’.‘Highball Roller’ is an honest, in-your-face punk rock n’ roll record that defines this quartet’s personalities – unpolished, missing teeth and self-medicated! It’s an album born out of years of searching for and finding dreams.From the opening track of the infectious ‘Black & Blue’, the vitriolic snarl and fury of ‘Burns City Burns’, to the raucous anthems of ‘Hated Heart’, ‘Riverside’, right up to the aural cacophony of closer ‘She’s So Vaudeville’ – Sorry And The Sinatras demonstrate just how good rock music can be. ‘Highball Roller’ is a record that doesn’t just deserve to be heard, but it commands your attention and frankly, you won’t be disappointed.

Recorded during the Summer of 2008 over 10 days in Barnsley with Jason Sanderson (Rolo Tomassi, The Plight, The Mirimar Disaster, GU Medicine) it will be released in May 09 through Undergroove (The Ghost Of A Thousand, Hexes, Minus The Bear, Johnny Truant).

Are you ready to get ‘High?
– Darren Sadler”


Daylight Robbery first review from RAZORCAKE:

“In 2010, David and Christine Wolf had to replace the equipment that was stolen when their Chicago house was broken into. They wound up building a home studio, where their band Daylight Robbery recorded their gritty second album, Ecstatic Vision, on a Tascam 38 tape recorder. The album’s lyrics come from people balancing adult responsibilities with playing in a DIY band; rebuilding while sorting out memories and trying not to dwell in the past; asking questions like, “What’s the point?” and “Where do we go from here?” While the lyrics are taking stock, the music pushes forward, vibrant, faster, urgent, with David and Christine both sounding more confident and engaged on the mic. Like their first album, Through the Confusion, Ecstatic Vision has ten songs, but it’s five minutes shorter, wrappin g up after twenty-eight minutes with the choppy, jolting “Grassroots,” one of the few new songs that hasn’t jettisoned the band’s new wave influence for spacious, propulsive Australian garage like Radio Birdman or Eddy Current Suppression Ring. It’s not that Daylight Robbery sound like a different band, it’s that they’ve avoided the “same thing, not as exciting” sophomore trap by putting out a record that is rawer and punker, the live-to-tape closeness (and muffled drums) making it easy to mistake for the lost demos of some awesome L.A. by way of Australia band, circa 1979. A retooled dynamic compensates for the downgrade in fidelity. In this claustrophobic recording, the guitar parts have a stronger delineation between riffs and leads, and the band creates the signature space between David’s dark, desert/surf leads and the counting-trees-flying-by-on-the-highway momentum of Christine’s bass and Jeff’s drums by minimizing overdubs. If Confusion was the sound of running down the midd le of a dark street, trying to gauge the closeness of your pursuer’s footsteps over the pounding of your heart, Vision is peeking out of a gangway, panting, knife pulled, hoping that the person chasing you runs past. Keep fighting, Daylight Robbery. –CT Terry”

“How often do you find a band these days where you can’t stop, and don’t want to stop, playing their record? For me, this isn’t a regular occurrence, but when you want to tap your fingers in time to the songs, and are singing along to the words after the second time of listening, you know you’re on to a good thing.

Role Models are based in London, and they live up to  being influenced by The Replacements (circa ‘Pleased To Meet Me’ in my opinion), with some of The Kinks thrown in the mix. This is infectious, poppy rock ‘n’ roll at its best.

The opening track ‘Little Let Down’ has all the right ingredients for a catchy radio hit – melodic guitars, gritty vocals and catchy choruses (something which features throughout the record – but this song especially).

‘New Reason’ has a more punky edge to it – dirty guitar in parts, gritty vocals, and a loud driving drum beat, which makes this track stand out for me overall.

‘Enough For Giving Up’ ends the record on a high, with a bouncy verse, making you automatically tap your foot along to the song in appreciation.

Some of the Role Models songs can be sampled on their Facebook page, but the best way to listen is loud on your record player, with the headphones on! I reckon they’re a band to watch out for.”

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New White Lung 7″ out now on Sabotage Records!

They are also in the midst of a European tour, dates below.

White Lung will play London with Covergirl, Sauna Youth, Good Throb and Ye Lampreys on October 6th at Power Lunches, 446 Kingsland Road Hackney. Not to be missed!!!!

Facebook event link.

“Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., high-energy punks White Lung pull references from every era of punk remaining unforgiving yet melodic. Their debut LP It’s the Evil (Deranged) was named Punk Album Of The Year by Exclaim! and their sophomore LP Sorry (Deranged) has managed to top the last.Spawned from East Vancouver’s dirty DIY Emergency Room scene, White Lung formed in 2006 with guitarist Kenneth joining in 2009. From the beginning they were road warriors, touring regularly, even contemplating selling their underwear just to get on the road (they eventually opted for the more practical route of saving up funds.) White Lung broke out of their incestuous local scene and brought their music across Canada and the US. They continue to tour fanatically, their live shows have been called, “effortlessly engaging and enigmatic, harnessing a controlled violence that managed to be passionate without going the least bit over-the-top” by Exclaim! Magazine.The band’s disparate influences have resulted in a wealth of comparisons. Stylistically White Lung’s music has been called everything from noise rock to skate punk to post-riot grrl. According to Way, “When you like playing music you just want to learn, and that comes with playing as much as you can. White Lung is a really odd combination of four people who have pretty different influences.”

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Order your copy from the Sabotage shop

or send 9 euros (world) or 7 euros (germany) to and paypal fees are included


September 20 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Occii

September 21 Leipzig, Germany – Zoro Fest

September 22 Brno, Czech Republic – Kabinet Muz

September 23 Berlin, Germany – Bei Roy

September 24 Prague, Czech Republic – Klubovna Povaleč

September 25 Budapest, Hungary – Trafik Klub

September 26 Vienna, Austria – Arena Wien

September 27 Szeged, Hungary – Club Noir

September 28 Trencin, Slovakia – Klub Luc

September 29 Zagreb, Croatia – Spunk

September 30 Munich, Germany – Kafe Kult

October 1 Erlangen, Germany – Jugendhaus

October 2 Tübingen, Germany – Epplehaus

October 3 Giessen, Germany – Ak 44

October 4 Paris, France – TBA

October 5 Kortrijk, Belgium – The Pits

October 6 London – The Big Takeover (Location TBA)

October 7 Nottingham – Chameleon Arts Cafe

October 8 Glasgow – 13th Note

October 9 Norwich – The Red Lion

October 11 Bremen, Germany – Friesenstr.

October 12 Copenhagen, Demnark – Dödsmaskinen

October 13 Aalborg, Denmark – 1000 Fryd

October 14 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang

Check out their lastest LP


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