“How often do you find a band these days where you can’t stop, and don’t want to stop, playing their record? For me, this isn’t a regular occurrence, but when you want to tap your fingers in time to the songs, and are singing along to the words after the second time of listening, you know you’re on to a good thing.

Role Models are based in London, and they live up to  being influenced by The Replacements (circa ‘Pleased To Meet Me’ in my opinion), with some of The Kinks thrown in the mix. This is infectious, poppy rock ‘n’ roll at its best.

The opening track ‘Little Let Down’ has all the right ingredients for a catchy radio hit – melodic guitars, gritty vocals and catchy choruses (something which features throughout the record – but this song especially).

‘New Reason’ has a more punky edge to it – dirty guitar in parts, gritty vocals, and a loud driving drum beat, which makes this track stand out for me overall.

‘Enough For Giving Up’ ends the record on a high, with a bouncy verse, making you automatically tap your foot along to the song in appreciation.

Some of the Role Models songs can be sampled on their Facebook page, but the best way to listen is loud on your record player, with the headphones on! I reckon they’re a band to watch out for.”

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