Mastering the new Sorry and the Sinatras “Kings of Shambles Street” EP on Bomber Music.

5 new songs, coming out soon.

““Nothing’s going to kill you faster than rock ‘n roll!”

Don’t those words ring true? Sorry And The Sinatras certainly know all about life in the fast lane – as their dirt bomb explosive debut album ‘Highball Roller’ shows so well!

You see, Sorry And The Sinatras specialise in high octane kick-ass punk rock – high on flare, punishing, driving riffs and spit ‘n’ sawdust professionalism. Formed 18

months ago by frontman/ guitarist Scott Sorry – who currently also plays a mean bass with UK rock legends The Wildhearts – S&ATS also feature fellow Americans Lenny Thomas (drums) and Roger ‘Rags’ Segal (bass/ vocals) and UK guitarist Dave Kerr. The Anglo-American twist gives this quartet a truly unique chemistry that truly reflects in ‘Highball Roller’.‘Highball Roller’ is an honest, in-your-face punk rock n’ roll record that defines this quartet’s personalities – unpolished, missing teeth and self-medicated! It’s an album born out of years of searching for and finding dreams.From the opening track of the infectious ‘Black & Blue’, the vitriolic snarl and fury of ‘Burns City Burns’, to the raucous anthems of ‘Hated Heart’, ‘Riverside’, right up to the aural cacophony of closer ‘She’s So Vaudeville’ – Sorry And The Sinatras demonstrate just how good rock music can be. ‘Highball Roller’ is a record that doesn’t just deserve to be heard, but it commands your attention and frankly, you won’t be disappointed.

Recorded during the Summer of 2008 over 10 days in Barnsley with Jason Sanderson (Rolo Tomassi, The Plight, The Mirimar Disaster, GU Medicine) it will be released in May 09 through Undergroove (The Ghost Of A Thousand, Hexes, Minus The Bear, Johnny Truant).

Are you ready to get ‘High?
– Darren Sadler”