Mastering the Napalm Discography.

For those of you without a grounding in early German punk:

“NAPALM a Punk Rock Band from Hamburg, Germany. They started in 1979 and packed it in 1982/1983 after recording only two 7”.

LUI (Lorenzo Castillo-Sohre) – vocals – speaks Klingon fluently and sang for several other Hamburg based bands as there are: Punkenstein, The Razors (after original singer K. Danker left), the Ramones-Revivalband (later renamed Ramonez’ 77), Jam Today (playing bass, too), Phantastix (1. LP bass, 3. LP vocals), The Bronx Boys , a Misfits-Coverband und several other projects, often existing only for one gig.

MARTIN WITTE – guitar – played with Gutter Snipes, Screamer, Punkenstein, The Razors (melody guitar on Maxisingle “Banned Punx”), Torpedo Moskau, Noise Annoys, Ramonez 77, Bronx Boys, Witte XP. Nowadays he is running a recording studio together with Alfred Grund of the legendary BigBalls&TheGreatWhiteIdiot in Schwissel,Germany.

KAI REDER – drums – his first band was called Gutter Snipes. He started Ramonez’ 77 together with Witte, Lui and the glorious Mr. Zabel, played a short while with Jam Today and Bierspieler, even jumped in for RAZZIA on one ocasion. He joined british hardcore punkband GBH for some years before recording a couple of great 45´s with the Hamburg Punkoutfit Motormuschi. Not to forget a recording session with Moro from Human Punx, which ended up on vinyl called. “Nietzsches Schreibmaschiene”. Latest activities include Thee Hundred Club and brand new project THE LETYOUDOWNS.

ARNE WAGNER – bass – played with Torpedo Moskau, C3I, Square The Circle und Noise Annoys. Currently he is the singer of reactivated Hamburg punkband Bierspieler”

Taken from the Band’s Myspace Page / German Wikipeadia



1980: “Tolle” (7″ EP, Moderne Musik 005)

1982: “It’s a warning” (7″ EP, Konnekschen s10)

1990: “Graffity”, “Tolle”, “Ill weeds grow apace (Kölle alaaf!)” posthum on the Sampler “Paranoia in der Straßenbahn – Punk in Hamburg 1977-1983” (Weird System WS037Y4)