Red Dons new 7″, mixed and mastered here, reviewed at Get Bent!

“By Zac Camagna

Red Dons recently dropped some fresh material for their first from Dirtnap Records. Auslanderfeatures two brand new songs, both of which were written in 2010-11 between cities like Chicago, Brazil, London, Portland and Hamburg. To continue the nomadic behavior, the tracks were then recorded in a Cold War era bomb shelter in Sweden during 2011 by Lars Ekman, leaving Dirtnap to take care of the rest.

“Auslander” starts with a bang, quickly setting the tone of this 7” with a rollicking introduction. The weight of the track is clear as soon as it busts open, revealing a piercing guitar hook that quickly swallows the song with a sense of dire urgency. The track continues with its perpetual fury, led by shredded rhythm guitars that are as heavy as they are direct. It’s a monumental sound and that crushing lead guitar hook is responsible for most of the damage, coming off with sharp melodic tendencies through the daunting post-punk meltdown.

B-side “Mauvaise Foi” doesn’t fall far from the vein of the first, sustaining the destructive pace with another scorching beatdown. With that being said, these two songs combine for almost nine minutes of blood-boiling post-punk outrage, almost like the world itself is crumbling right before your ears. Give the fiery “Auslander” a spin right below, and snag the 7” directly from Green Noise Records—you won’t be sorry.”

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