Mastered here and out now on Zandor records Zan 12 : Dry Heaves “Medicated Youth” 7″

“Follow up to their self released demo tape and “Loose Tongues” 7″ this band from Sheffield, Yorkshire is getting better all the time and i think this release captures the feeling of their brilliant live performances a little more. I can always hear elements of Germs, Angry Samoans and Black Flag in their sound. Other people have compared them to Adolescents and Descendents, anyway you get the idea – killer, catchy, hardcore punk! My personal favourite track is “Graft” it’s about working to live not living to work.

Keeping the same aesthetic as the first record with the Pogger artwork this one is 5 tracks recorded by Atko (Voorhees, The Horror, Gentlemens Pistols) and mastered by Daniel Husayn (Red Dons, Thee Spivs) limited to 300 copies on green vinyl.

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