Sorry and the Sinatras new EP mastered here reviewed by Uberrock.

They are the Kings of Shambles Street and beyond I’d imagine. What an unexpected pleasure it was blasting out this here five track EP from one of the finest bands to emerge in the past decade even if they are on indefinite hiatus: anyone who’s ever got down with Sorry and the Sinatras needs to get this – fuck it, if you’ve a shred of rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll in your body you need to buy it.

No bullshit Rock ‘n’ Fucking Roll boys and girls as opener ‘The Kings Of Shambles Street’ will testify as it begs to be played at speaker splitting volume for the full effect. The unmistakable tone of Scott Sorry’s too many jagerbomb vocals tears through your soul and makes you pump your fist and think to yourself – Damn, this band is good. Fuck, this band is great! They sound like these songs are the best of times and this gang of four can turn the worst, most shitty night into the best night of your life. Hurtling out of the speakers with a chorus chant that won’t leave your skull until you go to sleep but then be the first thing you remember come the morning (trust me it’s happened every damn day since I got this EP), this is punky, dirty and catchy as hell.

Anyone who purchased the online compilation ‘Heavy Hearts’ should be familiar with the bittersweet, drug fuelled love song that is ‘Valencia’: with its racing beat and lush guitar licks it was indeed the highlight of that compilation over and above some pretty heavyweight acts and stands tall as a fine, fine tune.

Halfway through the EP you get the heavy as bricks ‘Pretty Letters’ and for me it’s just about the pick of the bunch as it chugs with pure menace but is layered with a insane melody from a band who are quite simply killing it. There is no point in searching for new superlatives to dress up a review when it’s as devastatingly good as this and I could use all the pretty letters I like but the bottom line is this is an essential purchase in anyone’s language and if it needed a near perfect cover version wedged in amongst its four new(ish) tunes why not go for one of the best songs by one of the best bands ever. ‘Bastards Of Young’ is nail – head – hit! If you’ve never heard it or the Replacements then shame on you, but this is as good a place as any to be introduced. A passionate and superbly delivered rendition of a superb tune and it sees Mr Rich Jones tackle the lead vocals and give this classic the respect and shot of energy it deserves.

Alas my friends in Glunk we’ve reached the end and only ‘Bleach And Gasoline’ is left to play out a sparkling EP and a long overdue and welcome release. Not as furious or as in your face as the other songs on offer ‘Bleach & Gasoline’ has something of a dreamy pace and dare I say it has a hint of Mr Cobain in the opening verse and melody, but by the time we reach the chorus this fucker is soaring and you won’t be able to stop your leg twitching in time with Lenny Thomas’s hi-hat. The press blurb says this EP is a glorious swansong but I’m more optimistic than that and I hope and pray that one day I’ll be able to write a piece for the new Sorry and the Sinatras album and not just an EP.

Uber Rock approved? What do you think? It might not be number one in the top ten at the end of the year but if we had an EP of the year it’s just about nailed on. It’s everything punk rock fuelled music should be….simply stunning. Buy it!!!!!!!”

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