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Mixed and Mastered here, Red Dons new Auslander 7″ reviewed by I Buy Way too Many Records.

“Dirtnap (2012)
The fine folks over at Dirtnap sure do have some good taste in music. It seems like whenever I find a band that I really like, they’re now putting out a record on Dirtnap too. Good work. Red Dons are a band I’ve been listening to since their last album, Fake Meets Failure and I’ve been mightily impressed.

This 7″ is another example of the bands downstroke heavy Wipers/Hot Snakes style of punk rock and roll. I would say that this 7″ might be a bit poppier than some of the bands prior work, but in this case, that’s great news. This 7″ may be the best thing the band has released to date and considering the strength of their back catalog, that’s no small feat. Hopefully the band will be getting a new full length together soon as this 7″ has really made me excited to see where the band goes next.”

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Mastering the Orions / HÄXAN Split.

The Orions are a Surf band from Haifa, Israel featuring members of the Sweatshop Boys. They are doing a split with another local band called HÄXAN

In the meantime check out a song from one of the Orions’ other sessions!



Just finished mixing The Maladroits LP and the band is letting me post a song ahead of release!

This one is called Teenage Angst.


Sweatshop Boys Live

Mastering the Sweatshop Boys debut LP entitled “The Great Depression”.

Here is a preview of one of the new tracks!



The Revisions now have a Bandcamp page where you can download the Revised Observations Album.

“In 2006, Justin Maurer of the Clorox Girls asked Douglas Burns of the Observers and Red Dons to perform an acoustic set at one of Maurer’s book readings for, “Don’t You Take Your Life.” Burns, along with fellow Red Dons member Hajji Husayn and Derek Skokan, adapted songs he wrote while in the Observers and Speds into an acoustic format for the show. These adaptations proved to be popular amongst friends and they were urged to continue performing despite not having a name for the group. After playing two more shows, they figured the project was done so they entered the studio to document the handfull of songs they had preformed. However, under the encouragement of engineer Pat Kearns the recording session evolved into an album featuring new songs along with the Observers and Speds songs. The band called the record “Revised Observations” and named themselves the Revisions after a dream Doug’s mom had about the band. Soon thereafter, Derek Skokan left the group but Richard Joachim of the Red Dons took his place and they continued on with the project.”


No More Art’s 7″ mastered here, reviewed at Razorcake!

“Peripeteia” b/w “Evil Eye”: 7”
No More Art might be from Hamburg, Germany, but they sound like they’re from L.A. circa 1980. Very pretty female vocals are the driving force here, with a super punchy, almost tinny background behind it. This single is a total charmer. The vocals are going to lead to a lot of X comparisons, but it’s more like a female-fronted, European version of Adolescents. No More Art has this record and other recordings available free of charge on their site, but don’t be a dick. Buy the vinyl! –Art Ettinger (New Dark Age,

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Ricky C Quartet 7″, mastered here, Vibrator Buzz Blog Review.

“There’s gonna be a New Race, kids are gonna start it up and we’re all gonna mutate into RICKY C QUARTET fanatics who are offering another taste proven assault of Punkrock greatness here, bursting the Queen´s crinkly ass that you may have heard of as United Kingdom and blowing away her hemorrhoids.
Band after band and single after there seems to be popping up another up and down masterpiece coming from London, another New Race going to eject from the London streets and whoever may have started this, I owe him a pint for giving me all those kicks over and over again, I´d at least even be in for some of that lukewarm brown they use to serve in some pubs.
I really wonder if the RICKY C QUARTET maybe has been kept imprisoned in some sort of time capsule since 1977 and maybe just have been forgotten to be listed in the Raw Records catalogue right beside THE USERS, THE UNWANTED or the KILLJOYS.
If this wouldn´t be anough and to spare in the first place the quartet is even cranking up the adrenaline level by giving the bootboys and Boston Babies a treat, seriously SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS at the top of their noisy highness.
Do you remember this dog whose head exploded right in front of the grammophone ?
I was afraid it could happen to my cats too and locked them in another room just too prevent a bloody mess, of course I would try this with my neighbours instead at any time.
Aloha Ricky and Danno you´ve done everything right, just let those little snot bastards from your city keep on coming in and everyone will salute the New Race soon.”

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