The Revisions now have a Bandcamp page where you can download the Revised Observations Album.

“In 2006, Justin Maurer of the Clorox Girls asked Douglas Burns of the Observers and Red Dons to perform an acoustic set at one of Maurer’s book readings for, “Don’t You Take Your Life.” Burns, along with fellow Red Dons member Hajji Husayn and Derek Skokan, adapted songs he wrote while in the Observers and Speds into an acoustic format for the show. These adaptations proved to be popular amongst friends and they were urged to continue performing despite not having a name for the group. After playing two more shows, they figured the project was done so they entered the studio to document the handfull of songs they had preformed. However, under the encouragement of engineer Pat Kearns the recording session evolved into an album featuring new songs along with the Observers and Speds songs. The band called the record “Revised Observations” and named themselves the Revisions after a dream Doug’s mom had about the band. Soon thereafter, Derek Skokan left the group but Richard Joachim of the Red Dons took his place and they continued on with the project.”