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Valley Boys

Prepping the Vinyl Master for the Valley Boys LP.

“A punk rock band from Toronto Ontario Canada.
Not the electronic band from somewhere else.
or the wedding band from california.
this is the real fucking Valley Boys.”

You can listen to the full album below.


Thee Spivs

New Thee Spivs 7″ mastered here, on Voodoo Rhythm Records!

“The time has come to unleash bullet train onto the ears of the public, and it’s on one of our favourite labels VOODOO RHYTHM!

This very special 7″ includes ‘Bullet Train’ on the A-Side and ‘Voodoo Island’ on the B-Side and has an amazing cover designed by Beat Man himself.
We are selling the single in our SHOP from today, but be quick because we only have a few limited copies! If you are not aware of VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS check them out now!!! “


Thee Spivs were formed in Hackney, East London in 2007 by founding members Ben Edge and Steve Coley. Originally playing as a duo, they took influences from the Cramps, The scientists, 70’s punk and classic rock & roll trash from the 50’s and 60’s. Since then the band has taken on a bass player and crafted themselves into a tight rhythm and punk trio, playing their raucous crazy shows all over the world! The first releases where in 2009, thats the time i meet them fort he first time and we become friends, the release all their stuff trou damaged goods up in England, That Single is a One Time only for Voodoo Rhythm they went to Gizzard Studios ( mudhoney, mungo jerry, billy childish, delaney davidson) to record 2 brand new titles for voodoo rhythm records,.. A-side bullet train is completly fist in the face 77 punk rock and Flip side crawls back at you with a psychotic trance punk rhythm !!!”

You can also order from Voodoo Rhythm Here

Thee Spivs Voodoo Rhythm Page



Mixing Crack Under Pressure.

A new band, “4piece hi-speed craze from berlin.”


Mastering the new Strange Attractor LP!


From Sudbury,ON, Canada “Strange Attractor is a basement recording project by Jeff Houle. A mix of 60’s garage and frat & 70’s punk with a chaotic twist. The live band features members of Statues and Ultra Violence Ray.”


Role Models

The Role Models have been Recording a new Single to benefit the British National Autistic Society.

To quote the lovely front man Rags:

“A NEW SINGLE! All proceeds will go towards funding a safe play day for autistic children in North London that my wife and I help run. A day the local council couldn’t give a shit about but is really important to so many families. My son Zoli included! (he even helped write the lyrics!!!) All through the local branch of the NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY! Alot of people donated time. To record it (Andy Brook, Rich Jones, Daniel Husayn), build a site for it (Dave Kerr), even include cool stuff to sell (Richard Crobar owner of the best rock bar in the world The Crobar!). Like I said verrrrrrrryyyyy sooooooon!”

Andy Brook of Strummers Recording Studio has donated time for the recording of the track and  North London Bomb Factory has donated time for Mastering.

Listen to a track from the 12″ on Taken By Surprise Records:



Sorry & the Sinatras EP, mastered here, Mudkiss review.

“Sorry & The Sinatras – King Of Shambles Street
Sorry & the Sinatras are something of a Nineties punk rock super group consisting of former members of bands such as The Wildhearts, Amen, Black Halos, Ginger and the Yo Yo’s. They released an excellent album called “Highball Roller” in 2009 but then seemed to just disappear before suddenly turning up again with this EP.

The EP opens with the title track which is a proper punk rock n roll song where the title “King of Shambles” pretty much says it all. The guitars are menacing and the vocals are screamed in the vein of Tom Gabel/Laura Jane Grace of Against Me. This is swiftly followed by “Valencia” which has a great rumbling bass intro before moving in to a Wildhearts type melodic punk sound. This relentless approach shows no signs of giving up with “Pretty Letters” which contains a great melody fighting its way out of a barrage of guitars and shouty vocals. The fourth track on the EP is actually a cover of a Replacements song ” Bastards of Young”. This is a song which is actually known to me as being a constant in the live set of the great Jesse Malin. This cover is equally brilliant and actually inspired me to finally get around to ordering some Replacement albums. It demonstrates what Sorry & the Sinatra can achieve by allowing the tunes to come to the forefront rather than the raw punk sound. Interestingly the final song “Bleach & Gasoline” then goes on to prove this point as its the best song on the EP and the band really allow the tune and melody within the song to shine. It is a demonstration of the confidence the band should really have in the quality of their writing.

The EP it really builds with each song.  I am not sure about the reasons why they stopped at an EP rather than delivering a full album but if they continue improving on each song as they have here then a new album will be brilliant. Lets hope its not too far away or that we at least get a tour to accompany this release.”

Original Post Here.


Mastering a No More Art / Doom Town Split 7″.

In the meantime here are two songs from previous records of both bands, mastered here.


Modern Pets

Mastering the new Modern Pets LP.

“Modern Pets were born in the beginning of 2009 by four friends in south Germany. After a few first shows and a demo recorded in their practice room and released by F.Y.I.T.H. Records, it happened that everyone decided to put as much time as possible into the band, rather than get into the next boring job or another pointless band and so things started getting serious….
A first 7” was recorded in January 2010 by Smail Shock in Berlin, named “Killing Sounds For Rotten People” and hit directly into the picture that was drawn by 70s UK and 80s US Punkbands before. This release, which was followed by two European tours in summer and fall 2010, sold out within a few months and two more 7”s (re-release of the demo tape and “Vista-Alienation”) emphasized their standing as one of the hardest working bands in this genre!
Meanwhile located in Berlin, they put out their first longplayer on P.Trash and Concrete Jungle Records, as well as Modern Action Records in the US in June 2011. This release was followed by a 4 week European tour in summer and another 2 week tour in fall, which brought the guys to countries like Switzerland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary […]
After almost 160 shows in 2 years, the band will record a few new songs for a single release on Rockstar Records in January 2012 to be on tour for the rest of the year! 2 European tours and a US Westcoast tour are already fixed as well as the recording of a new album in the end of the year…. So, watch out! 2012´s gonna be a Modern Pets year!”


Friends of Cesar Romero 7″ mastered here, out on Snappy Little Numbers and reviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll!



Discover – Food for the Warmachine EP mastered here, out on Rawmantic Disasters and reviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll!



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