Role Models

The Role Models have been Recording a new Single to benefit the British National Autistic Society.

To quote the lovely front man Rags:

“A NEW SINGLE! All proceeds will go towards funding a safe play day for autistic children in North London that my wife and I help run. A day the local council couldn’t give a shit about but is really important to so many families. My son Zoli included! (he even helped write the lyrics!!!) All through the local branch of the NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY! Alot of people donated time. To record it (Andy Brook, Rich Jones, Daniel Husayn), build a site for it (Dave Kerr), even include cool stuff to sell (Richard Crobar owner of the best rock bar in the world The Crobar!). Like I said verrrrrrrryyyyy sooooooon!”

Andy Brook of Strummers Recording Studio has donated time for the recording of the track and  North London Bomb Factory has donated time for Mastering.

Listen to a track from the 12″ on Taken By Surprise Records: