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Mastering Dulac‘s Forthcoming LP.

A three piece punk band from Germany. For lovers of Dark Melodic Punk.

Good music by great people. Check out the song below, it won’t disappoint.

“finest melodic punk rock with some hints of DC emocore and a feeling which makes you think of Wipers,… but they don‘t sound like them, they offer you their own mixture of melodies, melancholia and driving punk rock!”

They have a Demotape and a 7″ with Access X Denied.


Ricky C Quartet

Mastering Ricky C Quartet‘s Forthcoming new 7″ on Wanda Records.

Have listen to one of London’s finest. You won’t be disappointed.


“They’re loud, they’re fast and they’re dangerous! Its The Ricky C Quartet, bringing a style of classic punk rock n’ roll infused with a heaping dose of antipodean influenced adrenaline! Delivering a snarling energy with pissed-off lyrics and red-hot guitar leads, backed by walking bass lines that’ll get those feet moving.

The Ricky C Quartet have just released their debut LP on Wanda records! In addition to a single, “Small Species”, a No Front Teeth/Rapid Pulse Records co-release.”

If you want more check out a few songs that were mastered here already!


The Knew

Mastering The Knew‘s new 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

From Denver, Colorado “the Knew are an optimistic bunch. Their ode to rock and roll is chuck full of howling vocals, guitar buffets and celebratory drum pounding. Their songs are armed with courage and truth amidst stories of nightlife, love and the Apocolypse. The resulting sound is primal, tight and devouring. And fun. This band is fun. Their guitar-based bombast will make your aching body boogie, your sad face happy, and your heavy heart sprint.”

Here is a sneak preview that Snappy Little Numbers let slip!


Role Models

Role Models Autism charity single on sale NOW!

I’m really happy to announce the release of my band, Role Models new single – This Eventually Leads Nowhere. We’re realeasing this on behalf of the Haringey Autism and the National Autistic Society with every penny going to help them continue to run their safe play day for families with autistic children in the local area. It’s a truly important initiative, and one which allows the kids and parents alike to feel safe, relaxed and supported. Some of you will be aware it’s a cause which is really close to our hearts. Thank you so much to everyone who gave their time to make this happen (Andy Brook Chris Almeida Dave Kerr Michl Krenner and of course James Sullivan Daniel Husayn and Phil Smith) PLEASE download this song for just £2, or the EP for £5 and share this video. Thank you in advance and hope you enjoy!


“Good Mornin’ everybody! Ya know how I usually give the ol’ “Rich Rags Story Time”? Well here’s an important one.

When my son Zoli was diagnosed with autism I felt helpless. It was something I knew very little about, so I thought the worst. I tried to keep a brave face. And that exhausted me. So worried about him. As I worried and tried to learn about it, Zoli was growing to be an emotional, quite happy child. Who barely spoke. That inability to communicate his thoughts would send the lil’ guy into some serious spins of REAL frustration.

As Zoli began to communicate more and more, we would see that, though he may sometimes have a difficult time with how to describe his emotions, he definitely feels them. When he tells me he loves me and holds my gaze, my heart explodes. It’s a big emotion. Harder to say than the opposite. For most of us I think. I’m so proud that he’s come to grasps with it. That worry melts away a bit…

I wrote this song for and with my son. And this charity is very close to our hearts, as it is something that we are involved with and frequent. As does many, many other families. That little meatball LOVES it! Hahahahahahaha!

Hope ya like the song! Lot’s of very talented people such as Andy Brook,Daniel HusaynDave KerrRich Jones Chris AlmeidaPhil Smith and James Sullivan helped make it happen. Click the link below and pick one up! You can also get our ep there. All the money goes to the charity! And ya know what? We’re pretty good hahahahahahaha! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!”

Role Models

Recorded @ Strummer Studios

Engineered by Andy Brook

Produced by Rich Jones

Mastered by Daniel Husayn

Artwork by Aron Glasser


Mastering SPELLS 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SPELLS is a four-piece juggernaught from Denver, CO. They are vacation rock to be exact. They produce short blasts of intense melody and driving rhythms that are custom made to entertain the band members themselves and serve as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have beaches nearby. If your city’s best offers include said beach and a good breakfast joint, count them in. If the best your city can do is a punk house that smells like cat shit and a Subway restaurant inside a gas station, they will pass.

Interviewer: Hasen’t there already been a band called Spells?
SPELLS: Yeah probably, but not written in all capitals. What’s your name? Billy? Mary? Hasn’t there already been a person with your name?
Interviewer: You guys sound like Hot Snakes, Scared of Chaka, The Beatles, Seaweed etc.
SPELLS: So? You should sound like an asshole and there are plenty of those.”

Here is a new song from the same session.



Mastering the European version of Replica‘s 7″ coming out on Cut the Cord That… Records.

This record is also being released on Prank Records in the USA, & Barmy Army Discos in Brazil.

“The debut 7″ EP From the San Francisco Bay Area’s REPLICA is fueled by searing guitar, fast blasting drum beats, sturdy tough bass lines and brash, raw vocals. Five tracks that thread many different hardcore influences and sounds – from the metallic thrash and high energy of current Brazillian Hardcore to a raw straight forward punk attack like early LA proto-hardcore or east bay punk to the wild unpredictability of 90’s thrash, to make a unique whole. Members from DUCK AND COVER, INFECT, NO STATIK , these tracks were recorded in 2012 at THe Dutch Oven by craigums.”

Listen to a preview below.


Youth Avoiders

Mastering the new Youth Avoiders LP.

An excellent follow up to their 2011 Time Flies EP.

Coming out on Destructure, Build Me A Bomb and Deranged Records. They will also be touring the East Coast of the USA this summer along with an Europan tour in the autumn.

26/04/2013: Boston, MA
27/04/2013: Worcester, MA
28/04/2013: Brooklyn, NY
29/04/2013: Philadelphia, PA
30/04/2013: Washington D.C.
01/05/2013: Richmond, VA
02/05/2013: Raleigh, NC
03/05/2013: Charlotte, NC
04/05/2013: Gainesville, FL
05/05/2013: Atlanta, GA
06/05/2013: Nashville, TN
07/05/2013: Columbus, OH
08/05/2013: Cleveland, OH
09/05/2013: Rochester, NY
10/05/2013: New Brunswick, NJ
11/05/2013: Brooklyn, NY

01/06/2013: Herrenberg (DE) @ New Direction Festival
23/07/2013: Paris @ La Miroiterie w/ Coke Bust, Los Valientes, Bacon Fudge
10/08/2013: Montreal @ Kanivo Chaos Festival

20/09/2013: Köln (DE)
21/09/2013: Hamburg (DE)
22/09/2013: Leipzig (DE)
23/09/2013: Berlin (DE)
24/09/2013: Dresden (DE)
25/09/2013: Praha (CZ)
26/09/2013: Budapest (HU)
27/09/2013: Zagreb (HR)
28/09/2013: Milano (IT)
29/09/2013: Offenburg (DE)

04/10/2013: Lille
05/10/2013: Bruxelles (BE) @ DNA

Listen to a new song recently mastered off the new album!


Dry Heaves

Mastering a new Dry Heaves 7″.

For those of you who haven’t heard them, check out a song from their last 7″, mastered here.

“Max rock and roll review:

DRY HEAVES – “Medicated Youth” EP
Holy shit this is good. DRY HEAVES remind me a lot fellow countrymen from the now defunct SHITTY LIMITS. Playing a fast old hardcore punk sound with odes to MINOR THREAT and the ADOLESCENTS, yet still keeping in a modern DIY feel, DRY HEAVES deliver one great 7″. All the classic subjects are tackled here: people who talk too much; kids being drugged by their parents so they are normal; and the song “Graft”is the classic ode to not wanting to a get a regular job like society tells ya. Oh yeah, this record rocks. (JF)”



Mastering Rhythm of Cruelty‘s E.P.

Rhythm of Cruelty are a Post Punk group from Edmonton, Canada.

“Skulking through distilled collages of glassy dreams are two lovers basking in high/low downstroke flanges and the beguiling hypnoses of analog motorik. Re-envisioning the heavier aural tropes of past projects, they tear down an oft-aped distinction to construct unencumbered bricks-and-mortar post-punk. Rhythm of Cruelty is a beautiful trashy-dash of battleship grey upon a black and white world.” Original Post Here

Listen to a teaser of the Band’s Demo.




We are very happy to announce that Thee Spivs third album ‘The Crowds and The Sounds’ will be released this June 24th on Damaged Goods Records.

For a little taster of the new album check out ‘Straight Out Of Art School’ HERE

A launch show in London will be announced very soon!
Thee Spivs will also be playing these shows in Europe this June…
1/6 – DE, Münster, GLEIS 22
3/6 – DE, Berlin, WILD AT HEART (with The Love Triangle)

4/6 – DE, Hamburg TBC
5/6 – DE, Osnabrück, SUBSTANZ
6/6 – NL, Ütrecht, DBs
7/6 – NL, Aarschot, DE KLINKER
8/6 – NL, Amsterdam, PACIFIC PARC
9/6 – BE, Kortrijk, THE PITS

Original Post Here
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