Dry Heaves

Mastering a new Dry Heaves 7″.

For those of you who haven’t heard them, check out a song from their last 7″, mastered here.

“Max rock and roll review:

DRY HEAVES – “Medicated Youth” EP
Holy shit this is good. DRY HEAVES remind me a lot fellow countrymen from the now defunct SHITTY LIMITS. Playing a fast old hardcore punk sound with odes to MINOR THREAT and the ADOLESCENTS, yet still keeping in a modern DIY feel, DRY HEAVES deliver one great 7″. All the classic subjects are tackled here: people who talk too much; kids being drugged by their parents so they are normal; and the song “Graft”is the classic ode to not wanting to a get a regular job like society tells ya. Oh yeah, this record rocks. (JF)”