Mastering SPELLS 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SPELLS is a four-piece juggernaught from Denver, CO. They are vacation rock to be exact. They produce short blasts of intense melody and driving rhythms that are custom made to entertain the band members themselves and serve as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have beaches nearby. If your city’s best offers include said beach and a good breakfast joint, count them in. If the best your city can do is a punk house that smells like cat shit and a Subway restaurant inside a gas station, they will pass.

Interviewer: Hasen’t there already been a band called Spells?
SPELLS: Yeah probably, but not written in all capitals. What’s your name? Billy? Mary? Hasn’t there already been a person with your name?
Interviewer: You guys sound like Hot Snakes, Scared of Chaka, The Beatles, Seaweed etc.
SPELLS: So? You should sound like an asshole and there are plenty of those.”

Here is a new song from the same session.