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I will be on the road with Thee Spivs.

Come say hi, talk about records, and check out the new album!

1/6 – DE, Münster, GLEIS 22
3/6 – DE, Berlin, WILD AT HEART
4/6 – DE, Hamburg, HAFENKLANG
5/6 – DE, Osnabrück, BASTARD CLUB
6/6 – NL, Ütrecht, DBs
7/6 – BE, Aarschot, DE KLINKER
8/6 – NL, Amsterdam, PACIFIC PARC
9/6 – BE, Kortrijk, THE PITS



Mixing Isolation‘s Forthcoming Cassette on Cut the Cord That… Records.

Punk, Hardcore, Münster.


25 Rifles

Mastering a new 25 Rifles 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

“Want to know more about the Rifles?  Well, they don’t preach the apocalypse. The world ended long before they were born. Instead, the three-piece group scavenges the ruins of culture, repurposing the buzz and howl of early Husker Du and Mission of Burma to suit the empty gestures of their futile rage.  25 Rifles subtracts the “power” from the power-trio. What’s left is dust.”


I Refuse

Mixing I Refuse, a new hardcore band from Germany.



Mastering the Restarts new LP “A Sickness of the Mind” on No Label Records.

Due out June 21st. There will be a record release show June 22nd here in London.

“The Restarts are: Kieran bass/vocals, Robin guitar/vocal and Bram drums. The Restarts formed back in 1995, in Hackney, London’s East End. We are a socially aware, three piece punk band. Ever since the 90’s we have been gigging in and around the UK and Europe, playing squat gigs and pubs mostly. We have been to the USA an Canada three times, and hopefully again at some point. We consider ourselves part of a large world wide network of DIY Punk Rock, we are punks first, musicians second. We feel the social importance of Punk Rock takes priority over the “marketability” of a rehashed trend. We stand by our words and have NEVER stopped liking the music we listen to, live by and make (even when it wasn’t popular) Please get in contact, get involved and help the punk scene grow independently of the music industry giants! We hope to be playing somewhere near you soon! -The Restarts”

Have a listen to a new song off the Record!


Also check out Kieran Plunkett’s Art.

Short Days

Mastering Short Days next 7″ on Build Me a Bomb Records.

“A new band from france, 80s hardcore. Fast, nerveous, frenetic, and abrasive Punk Rock with a subtle melodic touch. Reminds me a bit The Observers. Songs are quite dynamic and lively bursting with tonicity, fervour, and with a fine moving vibe. Attractive and driving guitar lines.”

Have a listen to their last 7″ (pictured above). There is more to come!



Mixing the new Überdosis LP.

Überdosis formend in 2006 are from Ludwigsburg, Germany. D.I.Y. punk following the grand tradition of Slime, Toxoplasma, Chaos Z and Canalterror. If your not up on Deutschpunk and you like Defiance then give these guys a try!



First World Problems recordings has just proudly put out its first record – The Quango Fatality 7″ e.p., mastered here.

3-song single from this short-lived London band and it sounds like a long-lost relic from 1978. The a-side is an absolute stunner, a jittery post-punk song with an insanely catchy lead guitar line and menacing, spoken vocals recounting a tube accident. The two songs on the b-side are a little more rocked-out with a distinct Sex Pistols inluence, sounding like the legions of provincial bands that started after the Pistols’ rise to fame. The off-the-cuff genius on display here immediately brings to mind the classic singles on labels like Rough Trade, Fast Product, and Step Forward.”

Buy it and listen to the whole 7″ here.



Mastering Levitations Forthcoming 7″ on Cut the Cord That… Records.

Great female Punk/Post-Punk band out of Berlin Germany and recorded at Aetherweight.

You like the Slits? Yeah. You like the Raincoats? Yeah. You like Mika Miko? Yeah. You like Levitations?



Have a listen to a track off of Rhythm of Cruelty‘s new EP before and after mastering.

Keep up the good work Canada!

Past Unmastered


Past Mastered


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