Roy and the Hayheads

Mastering Roy and the Hayheads Sessions

“Roy and the Hayheads were part of the first wave of Florida punk rock bands and were formed in Miami, Florida in 1980 and were contemporaries of The Reactions, The Eat, Charlie Pickett & the Eggs, The Weasels and Sheer Smegma.

The Hayheads were together for a short, crazy 6 months or so and based their headquarters way out in southwest Miami at Hayhead Manor.
Band members included Denise Rowe (Darla Hay) / vocals, John Salton / guitar, James Rowe / guitar, Jonny Cecka / bass, Lori Lambert / drums, and Jalapeño Spike (Uncle Roy) / percussion (cow bell, triangle, wood sticks, tambourine, pots & pans, etc.) and vocals.”