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Ravage Fix

Mastering Ravage Fix forthcoming 7″.

“If you are into thumping, dirty hardcore punk, let you of RAVAGE FIX 4 songs shoot through your ears. This is wild, uncompromising DIY Rotzpunk that reminds me of a hybrid of AMEN 81, woodlice and SUFFERING CULTURE. ”


No Problem

Mastering the new No Problem LP coming out on Deranged Records.

Edmonton’s favourite punk band is back. Picking up where “And Now This” left off, they have only gotten better.

“Once a man from Edmonton did six giant hits of acid and sat on the toilet to do a little light reading. He often skimmed through the newspaper’s headlines with a morbid curiosity for the obituaries. But today was different, the acid was quite strong, and when he looked at the recent entries he saw…his own name!!!!”



Mastering the Insaniacs.

Stalwarts of the Winnipeg punk scene, who have returned from hiatus with a new LP coming out soon.

Listen to the their two previous albums below.


Mastering Distressers debut LP.

A punk rock band from North Texas with members from Occult Detective Club, Stymie, and CODETALKERS.

Recorded at Cool Devices of Marked Men fame.

Listen to their demo and wait with anticipation for the LP!


Paper Jets

Mastering London’s own Paper Jets.

It is their debut 7″ and will be released on All In Vinyl Records and Hectic Society Records it was recorded locally at  Strummers Recording Studio.

“Somewhere between James Blunt and The Exploited.”

While you wait for it to be released listen to their previous efforts.


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