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The Smear

Mastering the Smear.

A new band featuring members of various London outfits. Not least of which are Tremors, Wake Up Dead , Vexed, DiE, Love Triangle and Shitty Limits.

Gloomy post punk along the lines of The Wipers. What else could you ask for as we slowly slide into the endless rain of winter. Sometimes London reminds me of Portland.


Rhubarb Triangle

Mixing the Rhubarb Triangle EP.

“After originating from various corners of the North of England, the group came together in the area known as The Rhubarb Triangle, eventually settling in central London. Recorded on analogue reel-to-reel tape, the group’s three track EP features a sound highly influenced by psychedelia, freakbeat and R&B, with the four piece revolving around a core of organ, guitar and drums with an emphasis on percussion and instrumental effects…”




Mastering the Franceens “Stepford Smiles” on TNS Records.

“The Franceens have been tearing it up live, whilst also supporting the DIY music scene in York, through their own band nights, for a couple of years now. With a sound that mixes elements of 50s rock n’ roll and catchy garage punk, The Franceens have recently received airplay on Radio 1 and have toured up and down the UK. This album is a follow up to last years five track EP”


Arms Race

Mastering Arms Race on Quality Control HQ.

“UK82 stomping mixed with early NYHC swing. New London band. Three skins and a weirdo put down 6 tracks on a cassette tape!”



Mastering Rakta, an all girl group from Brazil on Nada Nada Discos.

“Rakta began in mid-2011, with no experience or knowing how to play right, they learned together. Some say it’s post-punk, others say it’s Gothic. We think sometimes it’s punk, but insist on talking about it as “experimental something”. We’re not too sure, all we know that it is made with love; for us, for you, and maybe for a future generation?

À libertação humana, à libertação das mulheres, por um futuro melhor.




Mastering the DiE EP on Sonic Terror Discs.

The label says:

“6 tracks of early 80’s US/UK hardcore punk worship. Nothing new here but hard blistering punk for both the angry and the jaded. Think DISCHARGE meets SSD”

Paco says:

“Probably the best debut EP a local hardcore band has produced in a long time. Intense Hard Core with nods to both Boston and Bristol. A total 6 track ripper which will surely please any ripping jams lover”



Mastering the second 12″ from NO  on Video Disease and Static Shock Records.

“The follow up to the incredible debut from 2012, “The Great Space” finds No reaching new heights of their disastrous hardcore sound. Not for the weak. The recording is a little rawer than the last one (although definitely not verging towards raw punk) and the songs more frantic. “


Peng Peng

Mixing Peng! Peng!

“Exciting-lo-fi-garage-trash-punk-pop with mindblowing organ from Freiburg”

Have a taste of one of their previous efforts:


Kenny Kenny Oh Oh

Mastering  Kenny Kenny Oh Oh‘s  debut record on Contraszt! and Emancypunx Records.

“KENNY KENNY OH OH deliver on their debut EP 4 tracks of raw and simple Punkrock. A bit similar to the crude and pissed off style of BOMBETTES and even REPLICA and WHITE LUNG (but not as raw and fast) … this is mid tempo placed kick ass punk from Leipzig (Germany) and you should have one!”



Mastering The Corrigans new EP on Hurrah Música.

The Corrigans are Zaragozan, but they could have been born in Kent, Sheffield, or Romford. The Corrigans are a group of the now, but not out of place in compilations of the best of 1979 power pop. The Power Trio are clearly influenced by British groups, Mod Revival,  Punk, Garage,  and more amphetamine. The Corrigans are punks in parkas.”

Check out their first EP


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