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Mastering the forthcoming Maniac LP.

“The men in Maniac supply us with a brand of catchy punk rock with abundant retro influences. There are elements of old punk rock, power pop, mod and even some new wave sprinkled in here and there. However, the band doesn’t hide behind all of this like some second rate nostalgic cover band. They’ve got the control and persona to use their influences as a tool rather than a crutch. After all with these guys; former and current members of Cute Lepers, Clorox Girls, Rough Kids, The Girls, Images, and L.A. Drugz it’s a mathematical impossibility for this band to suck!”

Listen to a song off their debut 7″ on La Ti Da Records mastered here last year:



Mastering Roller Girls “Satisfied With Less” LP on Fear Of Heights Records.

“Finally! ROLLERGIRLS very first LP is now available. The former screamo, then instrumental post-rock outfit has been around for many years. Sharing members with bands such as SARG, OKTA LOGUE and the short-lived punk sensation DON GIOVANNIS SUPER-ICH the band shrunk to a trio in 2012 and defined itself new once again. Now, just about a year after they hit your stereos with their “Bombs” EP tape Darmstadt’s finest are now unleashing what you’ve all been waiting for: their very first vinyl record!

“Satisfied With Less” is an awesome pop-driven punk/emo record in the vein of Midwest heros such as BRAID and GET UP KIDS merged with powerfull melodies you might love from current bands like IRON CHIC and GNARWOLVES. The LP features 10 tracks, including re-recorded and overhauled version of their “Bombs” EP songs which were released on tape and have been sold out way too fast.”



Mastering P.U.F.F.s forthcoming LP.




Nervous Twitch

Mixing Nervous Twitch‘s Forthcoming Sessions.

Inspired by a shared love of the Ramones and other 70s punk bands, 60s girl group such as the The Ronettes through to modern North American Garage acts such as Nobunny, Nervous Twitch create short sharp contagious pop songs crammed with hooks and memorable melodies.

“The band oozes confidence, style, and musical ability. They have bags of stage presence and there isn’t one below-par song in their set. Stand-out tracks for me would be “Cherry Bomb”, “Bad Reputation” and “This Modern World”. Ultimately, the band are their own package altogether, but there are reflections of modern garage bands like NOBUNNY and The 5678’s, whilst they also contain elements of 60’s garage/pop bands like The Animals and The Shangri-Las. A very unique sound indeed from this super-talented four-piece.”

Do listen to the last EP:


Shinning Wires

Mastering Shinning Wires S/T 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“Shining Wires features former members of popular Denver acts Only Thunder and Sleeper Horse. This 3 piece set out to start the 90’s pop punk band that they never started in the 90’s. Taking their love for bands like Samiam, Seaweed and Hot Water Music, Shining Wires has put their own spin on a beloved and familiar sound that they refuse to let go.”



Mixing the forthcoming sessions for Disconcept.



Mastering the new Heavy Nukes EP on Rawmantic Disasters.

“absolutely devastating swedish hardcore punk with the drummer from anger burning! no metal influences or fancy production to be found here, just pure aggression, the way it was meant to be. if you think `raped ass´ is still the best swedish punk record ever and masturbate on our shitlickers 7″ on a daily basis, this is for you, punk! no kidding, this destroys everything in it´s path!”

Have a listen to a song off the last EP:


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