Nervous Twitch

Mixing Nervous Twitch‘s Forthcoming Sessions.

Inspired by a shared love of the Ramones and other 70s punk bands, 60s girl group such as the The Ronettes through to modern North American Garage acts such as Nobunny, Nervous Twitch create short sharp contagious pop songs crammed with hooks and memorable melodies.

“The band oozes confidence, style, and musical ability. They have bags of stage presence and there isn’t one below-par song in their set. Stand-out tracks for me would be “Cherry Bomb”, “Bad Reputation” and “This Modern World”. Ultimately, the band are their own package altogether, but there are reflections of modern garage bands like NOBUNNY and The 5678’s, whilst they also contain elements of 60’s garage/pop bands like The Animals and The Shangri-Las. A very unique sound indeed from this super-talented four-piece.”

Do listen to the last EP: