the Cry

Mastering the Cry‘s 2nd album “Dangerous Game” on Taken By Surprise Records.

“What I love about The Cry! is that they’re pop and proud of it! They take their inspiration from the source: British Invasion, Beach Boys, doo-wop. They understand the history and the craft of pop music. Ask them if “pop” is a dirty word, and they’ll just laugh and go listen to Buddy Holly. They write perfect melodies in their sleep. They sound like they’ve been practicing their harmonies for 25 years – even though none of these lads are over 22! But don’t go thinking The Cry! are straight-up revivalists. Maybe it’s just their youthfulness, but they come off quite “current” to my ears. Their angle is that they’ve “reinvented the two minute pop song for the next generation”. Combining doo-wop harmonies with ’60s pop jangle and a touch of ’77 punk, their “new-old school” sound falls somewhere between The Connection and The Biters. And that’s a fine place to fall! The full-length, as expected, is stacked with hits. In that mythical perfect world I so often conjure in my reviews, “Modern Cinderella” would top the pop charts for weeks! Everyone from your kid brother to your gym teacher to your local congressman to your favorite porn starlet would be singing it while standing in line at Starbucks. If the chorus were any catchier, it would be illegal in at least 17 states. And once that lead guitar hook gets stuck in your head, you’re doomed!”