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Good Thorb

Mixing the forthcoming Good Throb LP “Fuck Off”

Coming out on Superfi Records.

Here is a review of their first effort:

“Good Throb’s initial public offering draws from all of their previous bands’ work (the Sceptres, the Shitty Limits, Tortura et al.) in the shadows of the Nixe’s Utreg punk, with a hint of “Swiss Punk Now”, a bit of the Australian X’s burliness, but any desire for comparison is overwhelmed by a certain wall of sound and ferocity – on every instrument – that breeds a perfectly nasty sense of empathy. Empathy for a visceral breeze, for the methodical assassination of tedium, for the distilled detestation of our rosy society, and for Tesco anthems. Raw depictions of a mundane universe. (NG – Terminal Boredom)”


Enraged Minority

Mixing Enraged Minority‘s new album “Anitude.”

Recorded at Liquid Studio in Freiburg, coming out on jointly on Mad But­cher, Red­s­tar73, and  Ca­su­al Records.

“ENRAGED MINORITY represents streetpunk the way it should be: a powerful mix between classic Oi! and hardcore punk with some ska and rock’n’roll influences.
Founded in autumn 2007 in the south-western German town Rheinfelden (Baden) but moved to Freiburg in 2013, ENRAGED MINORITY had a brew with the lads from most of your favourite bands by playing more than 100 concerts all over Europe.
After their debut album (2010), a split EP with Streets Of Rage from Nancy (2012) and a live split album with the legendary The Oppressed (2013), ENRAGED MINORITY now comes around with their second full length album!”


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