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Rhythm of Cruelty

Mastering Rhythm of Cruelty “Dysphoria” LP on Edmonton’s Crude City Records.

What they had to say about their last EP:

“Well, Canada’s Rhythm of Cruelty have named themselves after one of my favorite songs of all time (by the almighty Magazine), so they’ve got a lot to live up to here, and I must say they do it. Definitely in the post-punk / goth vein that’s all the rage right now, like my favorites in this style (Pleasure Leftists, Savages), Rhythm of Cruelty concentrate on the more melodic, even anthemic end of this dark sound. If you dig Pleasure Leftists (particularly their great recent 12″ on Deranged), you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.”





Secret Prostitutes Crooked Bangs

Mastering the Secret Prostitutes / Crooked Bangs – Split EP on Erste Theke Tonträger.

“Two bands located in Texas, one was singing in French, the other in Indonesian and I’m gonna put out a Split 7“ for them… Do you know which bands I’m talking about!? If not, here is the answer: Crooked Bangs and Secret Prostitutes. After their stunning first record, Crooked Bangs approach their sound in a way that is sinister but also inviting, a veil of gloom — courtesy of Ginestra’s foreboding vocals and Wendel’s snappy guitar work — with an inducing rhythm section. There are elements of ’70s punk and ’60s garage rock lurking throughout, but these influences don’t override their own ideas. The upfront person is vocalist/bassist Leda Celeste Ginestra, who sings like she discovered punk in the catacombs of a Parisian cabaret. Alternating between French and English lyrics, Ginestra brings uncommon depth and richness to macabre depictions of blood castles and flesh-ripping wolves. At the same time, she’s quick to morph into guttural, Linda Blair-style screeching when the song demands it. Guitarist Samantha Wendel cuts the clutter in favor of finding the perfect surf-goth tone, while drummer Phillip Gonzalez plows through the anxious night like a pepped-up trucker. On the flip there will be the mysterious reincarnation of KBD Punk. In my opinion there’s no introduction needed! You just have to know that the KBD spirit of the band and the music fit genuinely into the era of the style. They would fit perfectly into the early Houston punk scene of bands looking for a place to play. The beat and Indonesian lyrics will cause you to tap your boot, shake your ass and scratch your head while you’re banging it. But it will always make you smile, unlike your KGB counterparts who haven’t been this confused since trying to understand the argot of contempt sung secretively by bands behind the Iron Curtain.”


heavy nukes

Mastering Heavy Nukes “2nd EP” on Rawmantic Disasters and Static Age Records.

“After the brilliant debut “7ep, here we go with the next strike!!! Again, 8 incredible raw brutal Swedish Oldschool Hardcore tunes in the vein of Shitlickers and Anti Cimex!!! No compromises on this one, just pure Swedish “Ultra Mega Raw” Hardcore!!!”



Mixing Crimen’s new LP “El Problema eres Tú” on  Discos Enfermos, Discos MMM and Dogma Destroyer.

“HC punk band from mexico city.”

Don’t let the lack of description cause you to skip listening to this. One of my favourite records to have worked on this year!


Mother's Children

Mastering the new Mother’s Children LP “Lemon” on Taken By Surprise Records, Mammoth Cave Recording Co., Resurrection Records, and SP Records.

Read what they said about their ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH EP

“Canada seems to be the new fertile ground for smashing powerpop. MOTHER’S CHILDREN hail from Ottawa, the same place as great bands like SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND (who they share a member with), WHITE WIRES and many others are from and keep making me go GAGA. This 6 track 12” is the follow up to their well received THAT’S WHO! LP on DERANGED. Dirk Klotzbach from OX put it this way (I fully agree!):
I really hope that you all followed my call up from OX # 92 in the meanwhile and have bought yourself a copy of MOTHER`S CHILDREN “That´s Who” Debut LP. So just to make it clear once again, there is no excuse ! The same as great as mentioned LP is this follow-up 12″ from the Canadians. Power Pop Glam´n´Roll driven to perfection that should be spinning on your record player multiple times a day and that still is on a par with it´s musical archetypes. Take your personal hits from the first three Powerpearls Compilations add it up with the two episodes of Killed By Glam, listen to “Milk & Alcohol” and “She´s A Windup” by DR. FEELGOOD once again, don´t forget your BOYS, STIFFS and FAST CARS records and imagine you would be warped right back to the Seventies where you would be seeing all those bands live on stage, because this is the moment when you realize that you are dancing and beerspitting right in front of the stage of a MOTHER`S CHILDREN show. Maybe you´ll even meet Noddy Holder or Gary Holton there on your timewarp.””


Mind Trap

Mastering Mind Trap‘s Demo ’13 on Street Kids Records.

“Blistering Old School Hardcore / Punk with the 80’s sound feel coupled with raw , punchy in your face sung vocals! Songs are ranging from fast , hyper-tonic played parts to good driving mid- paced ones combined with a slight moshy feel at times.”


Mastering Friends of Cesar Romero – The Hold b/w Teisco Telstar Stomp 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“With the shake of a tambourine and a quake of the pelvis, the pop-art garage-punks known as Friends Of Cesar Romero have crash-landed. FOCR have devolved the electric-guitar beat-combo into a thing of pants-shitting Neanderthal beauty. Pounding, menacing, snarling, and unaccustomed to flowery futuristic bullshit, the gang’s anthemic onslaught is ready to biff-bang-pow its way into your heart. ”


Role Models

Mixing Role Models “Lost in the City” EP.

“When you’re a kid, Friday nights are the best thing ever. No school, weekend to piss about with friends, best night of telly.

Luckily Role Models never grew up and set about making their own seven day weekend.

Meeting in London from their four corners of the globe they settled on Soho as their home, picking their way through the waifs and strays of the city after dark to find themselves playing the soundtrack.

All have played in many other bands, but to mention them here would be crass.”



Modern Pets

Mixing Modern Pets new 7″ B.I.Y.S.  on Secret Mission Records.

“MODERN PETS are back! With a couple of LP’s, a demo and a string of EP’s on such infamous labels as P.Trash, Modern Action and Dead Beat  Records, among others,  under their belt, this outfit from Berlin, Germany is showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering, a two-song scorcher, on Secret Mission Records recalls the best of late seventies-style power pop/punk rock bands like The Undertones, The Kids, Normals,  as well as some later combos such as The Hives(early on), Teengenerate, Carbonas and their fellow krauts The Kidnappers. The lead track, “B.I.Y.S.”, is an absolute fist-pumper. Punchy drums, killer guitars with a crazy fuzzed out lead in the middle. An all too familiar battle call in the chorus takes on a whole new life here. An instant classic, for sure! On the flipside is “Sweet Frustration”, a testament to trials and tribulations faced by a teenage leather jacket clad Romeo. A superbly executed sing-along that will be stuck in your head for quite some time. This EP will be out in time for the band’s North/South American Tour. A limited pressing of 500,  with  free download coupon included. And don’t forget to check them out live in the scummiest, sleaziest rock & roll pit near you!”


clitshitters gau

Mastering  Clitshitters / Earth Crust Displacement Split EP on Rawmantic Disasters.

“Antimusikalische Aktion Split – Clitshitters=HEAVY NUKES! 4 brilliant Raw Noisy Hardcore-tracks. “Ultra Mega Raw” with more Distortion! ECD= Earth Crust Displacement! Berlins Dis-Noise Inferno with 3 tracks in the vein of Giftgasattack, Disclose etc!”


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