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The Gaggers

Mastering the new Gaggers LP coming out on Wanda Records.

“The Gaggers got together through a staunch hatred of everything new and polished . From members of disco lepers,botox rats,black list brigade,the blowouts,the seminals,the troubadours,the hateful,needle automatics and the london guns.They play in your face, spit in there arse punk rock that’s out with the new and in with the old!. They don’t give a fuck so why should you. Gag on this,get off your computer and go put your fingers down someone’s throat!!!

Their aim was to re-ignite the energy, urgency and danger in real punk rock. The style is late’70’s rock ‘n’ roll influenced by the Jabbers, Dead Boys, Pagans,Heartbreakers and Eater with throat-slashing guitars and razor-sharp vocals. The Gaggers came to attack.”



Mind Trap

Mastering the new Mind Trap EP on Refuse Records and Sfr-Hardcore.

“When Germans secretly tighten their bonds with Russians again, that can’t mean anything good for Europe and the rest of the world. The “Mind Trap” pact was signed in Berlin of 2013, behind the sealed bunker doors on Wilhelmstrasse. Luckily, we managed to sneak in a Polish mole; an inside conspirator, through whom we try to keep things in control. Europe may take another breath. Officials signing the new world order here, all awarded by Iron X’s for their merits: Field Marshal Eggert (divisions Highscore, Monster and Nothing) , General artillery Eggebrecht (divisions of The Tangled Lines, Government Flu, Vitamin X) , General infantry and propaganda minister Stronzik (divisions Highscore, Short Fuse) and the Kremlin representative tovarishch Generalissimus Chkhikvadze (division Rearrange). Mind Trap is a total vegan straight edge brigade that sound harder than a tiger tank engine, more frightening than a katyusha and will come over you faster and even more destructive than the blitzkrieg ever could. ” Life among liars and thieves” 7 “contains six blasts and it’s coming out in a cooperation between Refuse Records and SFR Records underground headquarters.”


Strange Attractor

Mastering the new Strange Attractor EP “Barely Doin’ Crime”.

Coming out on Mammoth Cave and Secret Identity Records.

“It’s hardly been long enough to recover from the initial shock of their excellent “Back To The Cruel World” LP, but Strange Attractor are already back to twist the aural knife with a new EP. “Barely Doin’ Crime” is a suitably damaging successor, its six tracks running the gamut from psychotic creepycrawly dirge to speedy hardcore rant, the default position an off-kilter churn of driving rhythm and drunken buzzing treble that manages to stay unpredictable and surprising but never sounds remotely forced. Frontman Jeff Houle spits out his neurosis like a northern Ontario Doc Dart, and the fusion of voice, lyrics and music just drips menace, negativity, aggression and paranoia.”


Shiny Brown

Mixing Shiny Brown.

“High five! Our 7” STRAWBERRIES will be released by Kink Records and Meta Matter Records next month. The song above is one out of seven “songs of total fastcore mayhem, combined with slower and punkier parts. A thick and hammering bass, crazy and unconventional guitar playing, fast-as-hell-drumming and a vocalist screaming on the top of his lungs.” (meta matter records)”


One Way Ticket 7

Check out my article from the February’s One Way Ticket Zine.

As you may have heard North London Bomb Factory has a column each issue featuring bands that I have been working on.

The new issue (#8) is at the press now and out soon. Make sure you grab a copy, especially if you’ve had your record mixed or mastered here.

OWT Column 7


Mastering Joya‘s primo EP.

Recorded at the splendid Sound Savers Studio London.

Check out the Feature in this weeks New Musical Express.




Mastering Crown Court “Trouble From London” on Quality Control HQ.

Get yourself a copy here!

“New London Oi! band going for the traditional UK sound we know and love.”


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