The Gaggers

Mastering the new Gaggers LP coming out on Wanda Records.

“The Gaggers got together through a staunch hatred of everything new and polished . From members of disco lepers,botox rats,black list brigade,the blowouts,the seminals,the troubadours,the hateful,needle automatics and the london guns.They play in your face, spit in there arse punk rock that’s out with the new and in with the old!. They don’t give a fuck so why should you. Gag on this,get off your computer and go put your fingers down someone’s throat!!!

Their aim was to re-ignite the energy, urgency and danger in real punk rock. The style is late’70’s rock ‘n’ roll influenced by the Jabbers, Dead Boys, Pagans,Heartbreakers and Eater with throat-slashing guitars and razor-sharp vocals. The Gaggers came to attack.”