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Mastering Spells “Asphalt Navajo”.

Taken from I Can Fly, You Pasty Motherfuckers:

“In just a short time my band SPELLS will start releasing tracks from our newest recording session that wrapped this past weekend. Honestly, this could be some of the best stuff I’ve been a part of to date. And considering that I’ve been writing, recording, and performing in bands for the last nineteen years, that says a lot. I’m not insinuating that they’re going to be successful publicly, I’m just extremely pleased with the execution.

The song that these lyrics pair with could be a big reason why.

Very few people know that nearly every single day I think about giving up. In the pursuit of some seemingly unattainable goal, I’ve become terrified with the notion that I’m forgetting to look around. But every person struggles with that, right? Well, this song is a tribute to all those light-off and-leave-it-all anthems that address remedying restless soul syndrome. But with a twist. I’m not alone. I’ll take the wife and kid along. Yeah, the fam. My pals. Let’s get all of our stuff, a shit car, and just bum around till something in our abdomen fails. Because I believe there’s more learning to be had by following roads to destinations we’ve never heard of than by cracking some book, or half sleeping through a lecture.

It won’t happen in the foreseeable future, my ego would never permit it. So, until that day, I’ll wish and scream.

Oh yeah, I chose the Navajo because they were the first and largest nomadic tribe residing on American soil prior to English settlement. Direct descendants of the Anasazi, their ancestors had discovered the hard way that building foundations, and burying permanent roots, was tantamount to signing your own death sentence. Long live the restless wanderer.”


Seeds of Doubt

Mastering Seeds of Doubt “Shed Philosophy”.

Taken from the the Dots and Dashes review:

“For a band from London, it seems eminently reasonable for Seeds of Doubt’s Shed Philosophy EP to begin with a track entitled I Need To Chill and end with another, Head In A Mess. Because the capital is itself eminently capable of inspiring both of these sensations, the latter a therefore suitably confusing slab of consummate slacker-rock.Although the former is all the more compelling still, the four-piece paying homage to their formative years as the giddy melodies known and indeed loved of Bandwagonesque combine with the assiduous, thus hugely characterful indie-pop renowned of one Graham Coxon. If you’d already listened to Never Gonna Change, you likely had few doubts about you as to their credentials, but few could’ve foreseen them having so competent a record in them…”



Mastering Frau “Punk is My Boyfriend” EP on Static Shock Records.

“Static Shock Records gets the honour of releasing the debut three track 7″ from London feminist punks Frau who feature members of Woolf and Good Throb. They released the much loved 8 track 10 minute demo on Tuff Enuff Records in late 2013 (which has now been reissued on LP by Dead Beat Records) and now return with three more short blasts of discordant and furious noise. ‘Punk Is My Boyfriend’ is a dirty and scratchy cut with pounding drums and an insistent guitar hook. It comes over like a mix of Pre ‘Cut’ Slits, Huggy Bear and Kleenex. ‘Snakeskin’ is possibly the only song in the world that could have appeared on both Crass’ ‘Bullshit Detector’ and any Kill Rock Stars compilation. Final track ‘Orca’ sounds like it could fall apart at any moment and just about makes the one minute mark. The guitars grind over a busy bass, heavy yet loose drums and explosive vocals. DIY has never sounded so good. Limited to 400 copies with hand stamped sleeves.”


Nervous Assistant

Mastering Nervous Assistant “Demo Tape” on Sabotage Records.

“Let’ s think of four disillusioned, old but nice fellas caught in the middle of nowhere in northern Germany.
They have a serious love for old Hardcore/Punk and since they all played in several bands before, let’s believe they know how it´s done.
Still putting out demotapes. still trying to play as many shows as possible, still trying to change anything for the better, their tape contains 8 songs of hardcore/punk with a slightly touch of So Much Hate, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, raw energy and thought-out lyrics…”.


Dancing Morons

Mastering Dancing Morons “Monkey Face”.

Recorded at Majestic Unground, Hever Belgium.

“Blistering hardcore/skacore punkrock armed with sax/trumpet/trombone ready to blow your ears out.

The band started somewhere around July 2008, our first E.P. named ‘Horrors of Society’ was recorded at December 2008. A year later we have recorded a follow-up E.P. named ‘We are desensitized’.

Highlights of 2010 until 2012 where our two UK tours, where we shared the stage with UK Subs and many others.

Since 2013, we completed our line-up by welcoming our saxophonist, trumpeter and trombonist. Creating a mixture between hardcore/skacore punkrock, what ended up on our first album “Monkey Face” released on April 2014.

Over the years The Dancing Morons have shared a bunch of gigs and cold beers in different countries with small and great bands within the punk scene, just a few: The Adicts (us/uk), UK Subs (uk), Dun2Def (uk), Poundaflesh (uk), Moral Dilemma (uk), The Fuckwits (uk), R.A.M.-M.A.N. (uk) — RIP mates!, Scared Society (uk), Alcohol Licks (uk), The Operatives (uk), Girlfixer (uk), The Mispelt (uk), and many, many others.”



Mastering PUFF‘s new 7″ coming out on Slovenly Records.

“Slovenly never stops searching for what’s really out there, and for the out-there bands that are screaming in their native, non-English tongue, we very proudly present our new imprint / sub-label: MONDO MONGO. Making this launch particularly bonkers is the debut single from Berlin’s PUFF. If Sean & Erin from THE SPITS were raised in 1980’s Germany by freaky parents with a kraut-rock collection, their band might have sounded a lot like PUFF. Three tracks of spastic and aggressive synth heavy rave-ups, sung entirely in German, from some of the heaviest pranksters around. These chuckle-headed Satanic funhouse psychedelic punk sounds are a direct response to the so-called “hipster” invasion Berlin has been plagued with for the last ten plus years. PUFF: KILLS PARTY PEOPLE ON CONTACT.”


Damned Street 17

Mastering Mastering Damned Street Seventeen “International Business”.

“a punk band from muenster/germany.”


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