Dancing Morons

Mastering Dancing Morons “Monkey Face”.

Recorded at Majestic Unground, Hever Belgium.

“Blistering hardcore/skacore punkrock armed with sax/trumpet/trombone ready to blow your ears out.

The band started somewhere around July 2008, our first E.P. named ‘Horrors of Society’ was recorded at December 2008. A year later we have recorded a follow-up E.P. named ‘We are desensitized’.

Highlights of 2010 until 2012 where our two UK tours, where we shared the stage with UK Subs and many others.

Since 2013, we completed our line-up by welcoming our saxophonist, trumpeter and trombonist. Creating a mixture between hardcore/skacore punkrock, what ended up on our first album “Monkey Face” released on April 2014.

Over the years The Dancing Morons have shared a bunch of gigs and cold beers in different countries with small and great bands within the punk scene, just a few: The Adicts (us/uk), UK Subs (uk), Dun2Def (uk), Poundaflesh (uk), Moral Dilemma (uk), The Fuckwits (uk), R.A.M.-M.A.N. (uk) — RIP mates!, Scared Society (uk), Alcohol Licks (uk), The Operatives (uk), Girlfixer (uk), The Mispelt (uk), and many, many others.”