Seeds of Doubt

Mastering Seeds of Doubt “Shed Philosophy”.

Taken from the the Dots and Dashes review:

“For a band from London, it seems eminently reasonable for Seeds of Doubt’s Shed Philosophy EP to begin with a track entitled I Need To Chill and end with another, Head In A Mess. Because the capital is itself eminently capable of inspiring both of these sensations, the latter a therefore suitably confusing slab of consummate slacker-rock.Although the former is all the more compelling still, the four-piece paying homage to their formative years as the giddy melodies known and indeed loved of Bandwagonesque combine with the assiduous, thus hugely characterful indie-pop renowned of one Graham Coxon. If you’d already listened to Never Gonna Change, you likely had few doubts about you as to their credentials, but few could’ve foreseen them having so competent a record in them…”