Mastering Spells “Asphalt Navajo”.

Taken from I Can Fly, You Pasty Motherfuckers:

“In just a short time my band SPELLS will start releasing tracks from our newest recording session that wrapped this past weekend. Honestly, this could be some of the best stuff I’ve been a part of to date. And considering that I’ve been writing, recording, and performing in bands for the last nineteen years, that says a lot. I’m not insinuating that they’re going to be successful publicly, I’m just extremely pleased with the execution.

The song that these lyrics pair with could be a big reason why.

Very few people know that nearly every single day I think about giving up. In the pursuit of some seemingly unattainable goal, I’ve become terrified with the notion that I’m forgetting to look around. But every person struggles with that, right? Well, this song is a tribute to all those light-off and-leave-it-all anthems that address remedying restless soul syndrome. But with a twist. I’m not alone. I’ll take the wife and kid along. Yeah, the fam. My pals. Let’s get all of our stuff, a shit car, and just bum around till something in our abdomen fails. Because I believe there’s more learning to be had by following roads to destinations we’ve never heard of than by cracking some book, or half sleeping through a lecture.

It won’t happen in the foreseeable future, my ego would never permit it. So, until that day, I’ll wish and scream.

Oh yeah, I chose the Navajo because they were the first and largest nomadic tribe residing on American soil prior to English settlement. Direct descendants of the Anasazi, their ancestors had discovered the hard way that building foundations, and burying permanent roots, was tantamount to signing your own death sentence. Long live the restless wanderer.”