Remastering Disorder for the discography collection “Fires LIght the Sky” on Thought Crime Records.

“If you might think this is not the „real“ Disorder, you better do your homework. This band from Sunderland in the U.K. formed in 1978, while the band from Bristol that gained popularity amongst the crusty scene formed in 1980. Also in my humble opinion the Sunderland band is much better and their famous „Air Raid“ must be one of the best Punk songs ever written. Halleluja!
Besides 2 songs that have been included on „Bored Teenagers“ Volume 2 compilation LP, this is the first time these recordings have officially been re-issued.
On here are 5 studio songs recorded in 1980, of which 4 had been released on their 2 fairly rare singles originally and 3 tracks recorded in a rehearsal in 1979.
This record is dedicated to the memory of singer Mark Rough who passed away on 27th Nov 2013.”