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Crime For Revenge

Remastering Ultra-Violent “Crime For Revenge” on Static Shock and Video Disease Records.

“Production has started on the new batch of releases, the first of which is going to be the first reissue on the label. ULTRA-VIOLENT‘s classic ‘Crime For Revenge’ EP!

Originally released on Riot City in 1983, it was the only vinyl outing for this band and in my opinion was probably the hardest sounding UK single of the era. This authorized and remastered reissue will also come with a collection of unreleased photographs and also the lyrics, which were not published at the time, alongside a few other cool bits and pieces. The first pressing will be 1000 copies, and is a split release with Video Disease Records. You can expect this one around late November / early December time.

Sadly, I’m unable to upload any tracks online due to licensing restrictions, but a few people have posted the tracks onto Youtube, so feel free to I urge to you check them out on there if you haven’t heard this rager before, you won’t regret it.”


Mastering Sievehead “Demo” on Evil Hoodoo Records.

Recorded at the Audacious Art Experiment.

“We’re chuffed to be able to say that we’re putting out Sievehead’s debut release out on a super limited run orange cassette. In their own words….’a band from sheffield’ DIY punk rock and roll at it’s best.”

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Arms Race

Mastering Arms Race “Gotta Get Out” on Quality Control HQ.

“First 7″ by this London based UK82/NYHC band of booted boys and lady. The demo tape was well received and flew out of QCHQ, and this 7″ sees the band add more power and speed to their sound and even more gnarled up British vocals. NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HARDCORE.”

But it here!


Mastering S.H.I.T. “Feeding Time” on Static Shock Records.

“Over the last couple of years, Toronto’s S.H.I.T. have come out of nowhere with their acclaimed demo tape, to releasing two killer 7″s, to even opening their own DIY venue, S.H.I.B.G.B’s.
They are now back with their third 7″ and it’s just as essential as the two preceding. You may remember ‘Feeding Time’ as the opening track off their demo, it has now been re-recorded and is now even more of a rager than before. On the flip, you get a brand new track, the slow burning ‘Private Lies’. The package is wrapped up with perfect artwork by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dripper World and Dawn Of Humans).”

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Mastering the Gotobeds “Poor People Are Revolting” on Erste Theke Tonträger.

“The Gotobeds’ members come from Pittsburgh, Penn., a place notorious for keeping great local bands to itself. But the racket these guys kick up on their first album, Poor People Are Revolting, might be too strong for the city to contain.

Guitarists Eli Kasan and Tom Payne spent the last few years as part of the local hardcore band Kim Phuc. Joined by bassist Gavin Jensen and drummer Cary Belbeck, they bring that energy to The Gotobeds, a rowdy, ramshackle party house of a band, built on the intersecting bedrock of post-punk and indie rock. On Poor People Are Revolting, there’s something crazy going on in every room, the front porch and the backyard: a party that never dies down or seems to stop, even as the neighbors complain and the cops drive past. Working from the spirit and fundamentals of a small handful of influences — the design sense and intellectual rowdiness of The Fall; the constant evolution and masterful poker faces of Wire, from whose drummer these guys borrowed their name; the sturdy, heroic melodic sense and layered tape-loop production of Mission of Burma — The Gotobeds’ members paint a dirty, driven, vulgar portrait of Rust Belt restlessness.

Poor People rockets out of the gate with “Fast Trash,” a great intro to The Gotobeds’ boundless energy. Two-parter “Wasted on Youth/Melted Candle” starts out with a tuneful riff that ratchets past pandemonium. Every song here is an honest-to-goodness anthem, ready to sweep you up in the throttling, last-call anxiety that permeates the band’s work — even through all 10 minutes of the single repetitive riff that makes up “Secs Tape.”

Were these guys from New York City, they’d probably be too tired and broke to play with this level of fevered, feral inspiration. With no fear of being priced out, they launch one of the greatest arguments against Big Apple living with their single “NY’s Alright.” Like the album’s title, the song is a double-edged sword, couching the relative excitement of New York (and hearing all about it from everyone who’s moved there) against the reality of people staring into their cellphones on crowded sidewalks, constantly trying to maintain a standard of living that The Gotobeds can enjoy for next to nothing. The sentiment is hammered home in the video for the track, as the band drops a Parquet Courts LP out of its sleeve, only to see it shatter on the floor.

One of the strongest American rock debuts in years, Poor People Are Revolting is an obscene gesture hoisted toward anyone who’d claim that the genre is dead.”


Mastering Detergents “No Salvation” on Semtex Death and Quality Control HQ.

“Strongly influenced by Crisis and Buzzcocks, this trio from Sheffield create memorable punk hooks with immediately relatable lyrics. Following on from the demo released earlier in the year, Detergents are back with a new 7″ single. 3 new songs. Same rules apply, UK82 inspired punk.”

Piss Test

Mastering Piss Test “EP2” on Taken By Surprise Records.

PISS TEST from Portland, Oregon are finally Europe bound, to bring their debut album BIGGEST BAND IN EUROPE where it belongs. The band just finished another EP in time for this trip, with hits like LEATHER JACKETS IN THE HEAT or USED TO SKATE, ready to conquer what is rightfully theirs.”

Do. 13.11.2014 – Aachen – Autonomes Zentrum
Fr. 14.11.2014 – Hamburg – TBA
Sa. 15.11.2014 – Bremen – G18
So. 16.11.2014 – Berlin – K19 w/ Levitations
Mo. 17.11.2014 – Leipzig – Klubraum Plagwitz
Di. 18.11.2014 – Budapest – Művelődési Szint (Müszi) w/ CRIMINAL CODE
Mi. 19.11.2014 – Zagreb – Klub Močvara w/ Divided Minds
Do. 20.11.2014 – Brno – Vegalite – w/ CRIMINAL CODE
Fr. 21.11.2014 – Vienna – Venster 99
Sa. 22.11.2014 – Munich – Kafe Kult w/ GIVE
So. 23.11.2014 – Tübingen – Pausenhof
Mo. 24.11.2014 – Schwäbisch Hall – TBC
Di. 25.11.2014 – Frankfurt – ExZess
Mi. 26.11.2014 – Kortrijk – The Pit’s
Do. 27.11.2014 – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Fr. 28.11.2014 – Amsterdam – OCCII w/ the KIDS
Sa. 29.11.2014 – Hannover – TBA

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