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Red Dons

I will be away recording with the Red Dons in the US from December 27th to January 27th and will be unable to work on any projects during this time.

I am taking bookings for February and I will return your email as soon as I can.

If you cannot wait for my services below are some Mastering Studios I recommend.


Mastering Michael Jackson – Unofficial “Speedboat”.

“Punk rock motherfucker featuring members of Thee Tumbitas, Vertices and Ricky C Quartet.”


Mastering The Franceens “N/A” on TNS Records.

“We have some cracking new music for you from York’s garage punk trio The Franceens. This time we are delivering their tunes to you through the medium of 7″ vinyl (with download code). Hopefully you picked up their debut album ‘Stepford Smiles’ which we released last year. This is a pre-order. We will be sending them out on the 15th so that the tunes will be in your ears in time from Christmas.

This is what Louder Than War had to say about The Franceens when they caught them live:
The Franceens are loud, this is feral beat music, but music played with discipline – despite their age The Franceens have honed their skills taking on endless tours of the UK and smash and grab raids into Europe; if you fancy some adrenaline coursing mayhem then you can do no better than catching The Franceens live – I’d waited way too long, its not a mistake I will be making again.”

But it here!



Mastering Personnel “Gimme Holiday” on Doubledotdash!? Records.

“Recorded in the same session as their debut EP, this 5 song cassette retains the bare, spacious production values of that record but shows a different side to Personnel’s song writing process. Lyrical subject matter mines the same kitchen sink territory (package holidays, house burglary, clothes shopping) but is executed with a cheekier humour and less depressing outlook. Musically, this is still scrappy DIY post punk, but hints more at 60’s and mod influences. Limited to 100 numbered copies.”

Buy it here!



Mastering Clean Shirts ” Smart Casual” on In Dogs We Trust Records.

“North Yorkshire Marginal Punx”

Buy it here!



Mastering Shadowhouse “Hand In Hand” on Mass Media Records.

“The fertile land of post punk in the USA, Portland Oregon, has out done itself again with one of its more recent progeny, SHADOWHOUSE.  This is the bands debut LP, following a widely acclaimed self-released single (“Haunted b/w Lonely Psalm) and the larger vinyl expanse is reflected in both the songwriting and production of this new 12 inch.  Although they can definitely appeal to the punk side of the goth revival like BELLICOSE MINDS and CRIMSON SCARLETT, their is something closer to traditional goth, dark 80s, and even some neo folk twang here and there.  With the mixture of synthesizer and guitar leads as well as the painful moan of vocalist Shane HAND IN HAND is an instantly memorable listen that will appeal to punks, goths and others not afraid of some dark pop.  Sing along, play loud, and dance slow.”

Buy it here!

Part 1

Remastering Part1 “Pictures Of Pain” on All the Madmen Records.

“Remastered, Revamped and Reanimated!

To commemorate it’s thirtieth year in purgatory, we are pleased to announce Part1’s hard-to-find album painstakingly revived and reissue via All The Madmen Records.

Originally released by US label Pusmort – in it’s own right, a “posthumous” vinyl release of Part1’s early studio demos collection “In The Shadow of the Cross”, these recordings feature Part1 in their nascent form.

The leaden rhythms of drummer Bob Leith and bassist Chris Pascoe, punctuated by the swirling post-punk shrill of Mark Ferelli’s guitar and singer Jake “Chris(t)” Baker’s raging sermons.

With it’s sleeve featuring the fantastic visionary art of Deborah Valentine on the front and the twisted outsider view of Nick Blinko on the rear, Pictures Of Pain has become legend to those who follow in the mischief macabre.

Now carefully restored to it’s sonic best by Daniel Husayn of North London Bomb Factory Mastering and including a deluxe insert booklet of lyrics and artwork rescued from the Ferelli vault.  

Beautifully pressed on grey marbled vinyl* and including a download card, this first pressing is very limited and is initially available from All The Madmen and Part1 only.

Witness the power of the fully exhumed and operational Part1, since 2013 and at gatherings of souls near and far.  Now featuring Chris Low (The Apostles / Political Asylum / Oi Polloi / The Parkinsons…) on drums and David Barnett (Minor Indie Celebrity) on bass.  New recordings soon…”

Buy it here!


Mastering Leather Daddy on Feel It Records.

“Like a fine whip to the hide, Richmond gives the world just what it needs with LEATHER DADDY. A pack of rockers sick of the world, armed with three chords and a twisted sense of reality. LEATHER DADDY crank through six wretched punk anthems on this demo, cut raw and crude. Loud, loose, and pissed, these tracks have the kick of “Ass Cobra” era Turbonegro straddled by the snot-riddled lisp of singer Jonny Salami. Step into the world of LEATHER DADDY, a raw racket that’ll stick to yer stereo. Self released edition of 100 copies.”

But it here!

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