Mastering Shadowhouse “Hand In Hand” on Mass Media Records.

“The fertile land of post punk in the USA, Portland Oregon, has out done itself again with one of its more recent progeny, SHADOWHOUSE.  This is the bands debut LP, following a widely acclaimed self-released single (“Haunted b/w Lonely Psalm) and the larger vinyl expanse is reflected in both the songwriting and production of this new 12 inch.  Although they can definitely appeal to the punk side of the goth revival like BELLICOSE MINDS and CRIMSON SCARLETT, their is something closer to traditional goth, dark 80s, and even some neo folk twang here and there.  With the mixture of synthesizer and guitar leads as well as the painful moan of vocalist Shane HAND IN HAND is an instantly memorable listen that will appeal to punks, goths and others not afraid of some dark pop.  Sing along, play loud, and dance slow.”

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