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Rival Mob

Remastering The Rival Mob “Hardcore for Hardcore” on Quality Control HQ Records.

“BHC modern ape hardcore done right! Originally released as a 7″ in 2010 on the back of their storming Raw Life 12″ EP, this release gets a brand new deluxe look on a new format with remaster. The band have since gone on to release their Mob Justice LP on Revelation Records, so if you missed out the first time round, here’s another chance to grab this anthem filled corker! There might be some extra goodies on there too…”

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Nervous Twitch

Mixing Nervous Twitch “Get Back In Line” on Odd Box Records.

From Louder Than War:

“On the face of it, Leeds four-piece Nervous Twitch are another name in the long tradition of bands paying homage to the Ramones and their favourite 60s girl-groups via the medium of punky pop songs. And, make no mistake, that’s a perfectly fine thing to be. There’s actually a bit more to the Twitch than that might suggest, though – that extra bit of proficiency and imagination a band needs to make them stand out. Their scope is well illustrated on the current Odd Box album Get Back in Line. The previously-released This Modern World, for example, fits more readily in the post-punk category, building tension with an isolated, sinister bass before riding an expertly deployed synth line into its euphoric chorus. Tarrantino [sic] Hangover is as deliciously authentic a surf instrumental as its title suggests, while And We Did features a lovely Velvets jangle to lighten its melancholy mood. Piece of my Heart is an organ-driven gem with some killer handclaps lifting the middle eight into pop-heaven territory. I love good handclaps, me. Elsewhere there are straightforward punk stompers like In the Street (If This is the Future) and Jonny’s Got a Gun. The superbly-titled All Those Crazes and Fads Have Taken Their Toll rounds the album off in proper ’77 style. Flip the tape over and start again, if you’re quick enough to nab one that is.”


Crown Court

Mastering Crown Court “Ruck and Roll” 7″ on Rebellion Records.

“More trouble from London! After 2014’s well received demo cassette “Trouble From London”* Rebellion Records proudly presents three brand new tracks from UK’s latest bootboy sensation Crown Court!

“Ruck And Roll” features three raw, fast paced British Oi! tracks that show it’s roots in the UKHC scene (some members of Crown Court also play in UK’s hardcore sensation Violent Reaction)! This means uptempo songs, loud guitars and wild solos that could be best described as a mix between early Cockney Rejects and The Templars. Oi! with a r’n’r touch and an authentic sound!

Get your bovver and your clobber on and get ready to “Ruck And Roll”!”

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Rayos X

Mastering Rayos X “Ansiedad” on Discos MMM.

“Four new blazers from LA’s Rayos X. For five years now, Rayos X have been one of THE best in Los Angeles punk, helping to define a sound: a perfect mixture of hardcore, melodic punk, lyrics about anxiety and alienation. Put that together with a raw recording that translates the live energy of the band and hand screened art and packaging and you get the idea. Rayos X are on the top of their game with this one. Not a dud in the bunch.”

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Fear of War

Mastering Fear of War “Warsongs 1985-1987” on Nausea Records.

“FEAR OF WAR – ‘Warsongs 1985-1987’ 

This is the long awaited official release featuring early studio recordings of this classic Swedish Punk/Hardcore band!
14 tracks in total: 8 from the legendary compilations “The Vikings Are Coming…” and “Afflicted Cries in the Darkness of War”; 4 from the rare original demo and 2 from a previously unreleased 7” EP.
Most tracks remastered from original reel to reel tapes.
This is presented with a printed inner sleeve with photos, flyers, zines and liner notes.
Cover artwork created in 1987 by the artist whose work is featured on the cover of “The Vikings Are Coming…”
Fagersta, Sweden in the early 80’s. A small, bleak industrial town and home to a bunch of punks who were filled with the angst of the forthcoming Apocalypse of 1984 which George Orwell predicted. 

It was around this time that Kerre (vocals/bass), Micke (guitar) and Hocke (drums) formed a band called Practical Joke (1981-1982), Changing the name to Fear of War in 1982. Their first rehearsals took place in the basement of Hocke’s family home.
After only 2 weeks they had their first gig in the nearby city of Skinnskatteberg, armed with only four songs which they repeated over and over again, until the usual bar fight began.
Not long after, Hocke left to join Crude S.S. and Ugly Squaws. In his place came Marko.
With inter changeable members; Fear of War, Ugly Squaws, Crude S.S. and Bedrövlers all rehearsed in the abandoned apartments called Kottmossen in Fagersta.
The “Tour in Finland 1984” included Fear of War, Ugly Squaws, Bedrövlers, Crude S.S., Anti Cimex and the Finnish band Vaurio.
Fear of War played with Disorder in Copenhagen at the “Subfestival” in 1987. This was to be their last gig before they split.”

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Kent State

Mastering Kent State “Samsara” on Debt Offensive Records.

“Kent State, aka Nicholas Vance (Deep Sleep, Suspect) returns with two new tracks of psychedelic death pop. This is the first-ever vinyl release of new Kent State material, following up a series of sold out cassettes (compiled last year on the “Wrong Side of History” LP), and the musical growth displayed here is beyond evident. While staying true to the original roots of Kent State’s “Brainbombs meets Oasis” sound, these new songs are catchier, more driving, and dare I say the best songs Vance has ever written.”

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Mastering Mako1972 “Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish” 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-116 Eases It’s Way Into The Lineup!

Surprise!  The debut 7″ from Denver’sMako1972 is available right now!  “Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish” is a 45 RPM single housed in our now famous gold company sleeve.  Fair warning, it’s a ripper!  By the way, the color mixes came out really rad.  Blues, pinks and things in between! “

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Rats Rest

Mastering Rats Rest “Permanent Catastrophe” EP on Erste Theke Tonträger.

“When it comes to timeless and catchy early 80s US punk sound in these fast and modern times of ours, Rats Rest from Kansas City could take a big part of the cake. If you like the old-school hardcore punk, melodic with a raspy fucked up voice, expressive vocals, mid paced drum-hitting going fast, heavy bass lines, catchy guitar works with a hard-rock attitude / playing, alongside lyric themes about depression, drugs and death, written with a personal view, then this is your new favourite band. I’m reminded of a depressed Marked Men, a bouncy No Hope For The Kids, or a street-punk-infused Leatherface as I spin these tunes. They get it pretty much right, from the well-sung vocals to the guitar solos that occurs over some moody, incessant bass-lines, its always super catchy! So put your sticky fingers on a copy of this and enjoy it!”


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