Nervous Twitch

Mixing Nervous Twitch “Get Back In Line” on Odd Box Records.

From Louder Than War:

“On the face of it, Leeds four-piece Nervous Twitch are another name in the long tradition of bands paying homage to the Ramones and their favourite 60s girl-groups via the medium of punky pop songs. And, make no mistake, that’s a perfectly fine thing to be. There’s actually a bit more to the Twitch than that might suggest, though – that extra bit of proficiency and imagination a band needs to make them stand out. Their scope is well illustrated on the current Odd Box album Get Back in Line. The previously-released This Modern World, for example, fits more readily in the post-punk category, building tension with an isolated, sinister bass before riding an expertly deployed synth line into its euphoric chorus. Tarrantino [sic] Hangover is as deliciously authentic a surf instrumental as its title suggests, while And We Did features a lovely Velvets jangle to lighten its melancholy mood. Piece of my Heart is an organ-driven gem with some killer handclaps lifting the middle eight into pop-heaven territory. I love good handclaps, me. Elsewhere there are straightforward punk stompers like In the Street (If This is the Future) and Jonny’s Got a Gun. The superbly-titled All Those Crazes and Fads Have Taken Their Toll rounds the album off in proper ’77 style. Flip the tape over and start again, if you’re quick enough to nab one that is.”