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Red Death

Mastering Red Death ” Permanent Exile” on Grave Mistake Records.

“In 2014, DC’s RED DEATH came out of the gate and obliterated everyone with one of the best hardcore demos of the year. Their first recorded output channeled the sheer brutality and precision of crossover classics like Animosity and Cause for Alarm, without straying too far from the rawness and reckless abandon of hardcore punk.  On their new LP, Permanent Exile, Red Death delivers exactly as we hope a band with a strong outset should – with an even more powerful and focused follow up release.  While influences on Permanent Exile range from Negative Approach to The Accused to Anti-Cimex, one thing is made clearly evidently: Red Death are first and foremost a hardcore band.  As hardcore and punk get more fractionalized each year, they are band that puts emphasis and importance on the music they are creating, rather than what scene they fit in or what uniform they are wearing.  Permanent Exile is the record for those of us who appreciate every facet of hardcore, punk, and all genres in between, and that says a lot in 2015.

“Permanent Exile will also see a European Release later this Spring on Hardware Records, who also just posted a preorder for the LP, and that can be found HERE.
“Permanent Exile is just the beginning of what Red Death have in store for us in 2015.  They are currently in the process of recording for a new 7″ EP, coming out this summer on Lockin Out Records, as well as a contribution to The Red Line DCHC Compilation Tape (featuring Protester,Semper Eadem, Stand Off, Genocide Pact, Pure Disgust, and more), which is due out by Damaged City Fest as well. Then later this summer, some pretty sick touring plans in the works, but we will hold off on announcing that until the details are all finalized.”
THE FLEX & RED DEATH / USA Tour 2015:4/10 – 4/12 – Washington D.C. – Damaged City Fest
4/13 – Greensboro, NC @ Fantasy w/ Nervosas, Holder’s Scar
4/14 – Savannah, GA @ The Guild Hall w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Anxiety Junkies
4/15 – Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar w/ Society Abuse, Rubbish, Crisis Unit
4/16 – Miami, FL @ Churchills Pub w/ Hit List, Silent Authority
4/17 – Gainesville, FL @ A Space w/ Society Abuse, Rubbish
4/18 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar w/ Crisis Unit, Wrists Grow Cold, Dope Fiend
4/19 – New Orleans, LA @ Sisters In Christ w/ Graf Orlock, The World is a Vampire (Early show)
4/20 – Houston, TX @ Black Barbie w/ Paranoid Chant, United Races
4/21 – Austin, TX @ The Mohawk w/ Glue, Breakout, Concrete
4/22 – Dallas, TX @ That That w/ Break Away, Modern Pain, Sin Motivo, Bricklayer
4/23 – Las Cruces, NM @ Haphazard Hall w/ Pris, Missing Link, Damien
4/24 – Phoenix, AZ @ 1722 W. Van Buren w/ La Mala Vida, Woundvac, Break Through
4/25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos w/ Blazing Eye, Response, Lock (Matinee)
4/26 – Pomona, CA @ PBW w/ Fury, Enough Said, Human Garbage
4/27 – Sacramento, CA @ The Colony w/ TBA
4/28 – Portland, OR w/ Combat Knife, Odd Man Out
4/29 – Seattle, WA w/ Gag, Wetbrain
4/30 – Olympia, WA w/ Wreck, Brick Layer
5/1 – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman w/ No Sir, Torso, Whips
5/2 – San Jose, CA @ San Jose Rock Shop w/ Scalped, Fatigue, Subtle Violence, Fade
5/3 – Bakersfield, CA
5/4 – Las Vegas, NV @ OMD w/ Moon Blood, Acid Rain and Unfair Fight
5/5 – Salt Lake City, UT
5/6 – Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle Music Collective w/ Civilized, Cinderblock
5/7 – Kansas City, MO @ The Sandbox w/ Blindside USA, Traitor K9, Beta Boys
5/8 – Minneapolis, MN @ Junk Joint
5/9 – Chicago, IL
5/10 – St. Louis, MO @ Bonezone w/ Q, Padlock
5/11 – Indianapolis, IN @ TBA w/ CC Murder Dogs, Chipped Teeth
5/12 – Detroit, MI @ Refuge Skate Shop w/ True Love, Breaking Wheel, Eyesore
5/13 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class w/ Stray Dogs
5/14 – Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City w/ Full of Hell, The Body, Gas Chamber/Cages, Black Houses
5/15 – Boston, MA @ Democracy Center w/ TBA
5/16 – New York, NY @ The Acheron w/ NYC Headhunters
5/17 – New Brunswick, NJ w/ Brain Slug, Ugly Parts
5/18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Second Empire w/ The Stasi, Anxiety Hammer
5/19 – Washington D.C.
5/20 – Richmond, VA w/ Barge, Reactor 4

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Nervous Twitch

Mixing Nervous Twitch “Jonny’s Got A Gun” on Punk Fox.

“‘Jonny’s Got A Gun/ And We Did’ is the latest release on Punk Fox Records from Leeds based surf punks Nervous Twitch. The 7” contains three new tracks from the 70’s girl group inspired four piece, each one a straight to the point, infectious pop song, blending the rich tones of 60/70’s soulful pop with surf rock influences and their own modern version of punk, delivered with a sharp and contagious style and confidence.”

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Jákup Eli

Mastering Jákup Eli “Konufólkapanikk” 7″ on Tutl Records.

From Farmstead Records:

“There you have it folks! The first Faroese 7” single in almost 30 years! That means it’s the first one this century. Well actually, it’s even the first one this millennia!
Right now it’s only available at the Tutl Records physical location. But it’ll be available online soon enough.”

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The Interzone Boys

Mastering The Interzone Boys “The First EP”/ “Im A Bug” – Floppy Disk Single on Tutl Records / Farmstead Records.

“Perhaps the most punk thing to do, is releasing your first single on the obsolete floppy disk format. But that’s exactly what The Interzone Boys chose to do. The rainbow colouring of the ‘disks was chose to honour the annual Faroese Pride Parade of 2014. Only 25 copies were made and they’re only available at Tutl Records’ physical location on Reynagøta 12, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

The groovy bad boys’ features include:

160kbps version of The Interzone Boys covering the classic The Urinals song “I’m A Bug”.
The disk version is also one whole second longer than the youtube version(!)
One unique haiku per floppy disk.
One twenty-fifth of a secret code scattered through the all 25 disks.”

Rodney Shades Band

Mastering Rodney Shades Band “In the Kingdom”

“Hip-swinging debut solo single from Thisclose front-man Rodney Shades. A double dose of hardrock from Rodney and his band, the Rodney Shades Band – ow!”


“He’s back. The man with the voice which could wake up the dead. Rodney Shades, siren from hell in human form and under normal conditions the singer of Scottish D-beaters THISCLOSE (check em out, they smoke – pure DISCHARGE-worshipping D-beat of the highest order!), gives us a huge dosis of good old rock ‘n’ roll. 

His new side project runs under the simple name: RODNEY SHADES BAND. Don’t think too long if you’re looking for a new band name – put your own name in front and that’s it. At least if you have such a talented crazy voice like Mr. Shades. But to get in touch with this here, you have to forget what THISCLOSE normally do. Even if the first song starts with a brutal guitar intro, things go into a different direction. This is midtempo hard rock/heavy metal music, rooted deeply in the first steps of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. You know – early Judas Priest, early Iron Maiden, noise from the end of the 70s or early 80s. 

Bottom line: Wanna read a dumb blasphemous thought? If JUDAS PRIEST would need a new singer, RODNEY SHADES could be the one. I jope you enjoy this as much as I did.”

Sweatshop Boys

Mastering Sweatshop Boys ” Always Polite, Never Happy” on Twintoe, Crapoulet, SP Records in Europe/Japan and Dirt Cult, Recess Records in the US.

Taken from Punkalovich:

Sweatshop Boys are beginning to become more and more important in the Israeli punk scene and hopefully in the punk world in general. Consisting mostly of Haifa boys including Ofri (ex-Friday Night Sissy Fight/Barren Hope), Dean (ex-Friday Night Sissy Fight) and Itai (The Orions, The Backliners, Achim Zabari, Kuskus Records), the band also includes singing drummer and powerhouse that is Nadav (Mondo Gecko, Spit, Shifka Chiefs, Brutal Assault, Uzbecks…help if I’ve left something out!)
   Although not what everyone may consider “punk rock”, the band do know how to write catchy as hell songs about things that matter to them. Their first album, The Great Depression, really helped demonstrate the Sweatshop Boys sound and this latest EP very much continues to do the same.  All four songs are songs I recognise from shows because they are just so damn memorable.
  The EP starts off with No Pity In The City, a pogotastic anthem about moving to a big city but with no real changes. Second track, Special Mood, takes the pace down a bit with an almost 60s beat-music era jangly pop sound, equipped with organ solo and a rhythm that will have you toe-tapping away. Try Hard, again on a bit of a 60s tip but punkier, is a simple and to the point song about “wannabe scene queens” with its intoxicating “You’re not special at all Ahhhh” refrain. The funny thing about writing songs of this topic is that it could be describing people who actually come to your shows. Therefore, it is remarkably ironic when you see someone at their show who has forced themselves to learn the lyrics and stand right at the front, making sure to be heard. I think that’s what I love about it, whether intentional or not. Last track, Slow Dive, leans off the social commentary a bit and instead focuses on a positive message about taking life easy. The band informs us that “Sometimes you got to let it go” and instruct us to “go with the flow.” Good advice, there, my friends! All songs have this fun vibe about them, almost definitely due to how everyone in the band gets a chance to sing and sing together, making everything sound more anthemic. 

   I kind of remember somewhere near the start of the band’s career that I didn’t really pay all that much attention to them. I wasn’t really keen on the Pet Shop Boys influenced name (I used to like the Pet Shop Boys) and I found it all a bit too “jingle jangly”, for want of a term. Whether the band itself has improved or my musical tastes have broadened, this new EP is a beautiful record and I hope to hear another full length later on in the year full of more catchy twist-inducing tunes.”



Mastering Dedwardians “Love Sick” Single.

From Uberrock:

“With some thumping floor toms and some equally aggressive guitar work ‘Like An Animal’ is a thumping introduction to the second single released by London band Dedwardians. Fuzzed up and fucked up vocals courtesy of Paul Gautrey this is a great tune as the title and chorus refrain refuses to leave your head. The second tune possesses the blood of the Cramps with the sparse guitar lick as the song broods to a big groove that’s all primal and instinctive. Yet again another tip top release and suitably noisy, but when can we get this on vinyl lad? Anyway until that day check out the iTunes like above and enjoy another band making fantastic music that I can highly recommend.”

Recorded in London by Andy Brook.

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