Rodney Shades Band

Mastering Rodney Shades Band “In the Kingdom”

“Hip-swinging debut solo single from Thisclose front-man Rodney Shades. A double dose of hardrock from Rodney and his band, the Rodney Shades Band – ow!”


“He’s back. The man with the voice which could wake up the dead. Rodney Shades, siren from hell in human form and under normal conditions the singer of Scottish D-beaters THISCLOSE (check em out, they smoke – pure DISCHARGE-worshipping D-beat of the highest order!), gives us a huge dosis of good old rock ‘n’ roll. 

His new side project runs under the simple name: RODNEY SHADES BAND. Don’t think too long if you’re looking for a new band name – put your own name in front and that’s it. At least if you have such a talented crazy voice like Mr. Shades. But to get in touch with this here, you have to forget what THISCLOSE normally do. Even if the first song starts with a brutal guitar intro, things go into a different direction. This is midtempo hard rock/heavy metal music, rooted deeply in the first steps of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. You know – early Judas Priest, early Iron Maiden, noise from the end of the 70s or early 80s. 

Bottom line: Wanna read a dumb blasphemous thought? If JUDAS PRIEST would need a new singer, RODNEY SHADES could be the one. I jope you enjoy this as much as I did.”