The Interzone Boys

Mastering The Interzone Boys “The First EP”/ “Im A Bug” – Floppy Disk Single on Tutl Records / Farmstead Records.

“Perhaps the most punk thing to do, is releasing your first single on the obsolete floppy disk format. But that’s exactly what The Interzone Boys chose to do. The rainbow colouring of the ‘disks was chose to honour the annual Faroese Pride Parade of 2014. Only 25 copies were made and they’re only available at Tutl Records’ physical location on Reynagøta 12, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

The groovy bad boys’ features include:

160kbps version of The Interzone Boys covering the classic The Urinals song “I’m A Bug”.
The disk version is also one whole second longer than the youtube version(!)
One unique haiku per floppy disk.
One twenty-fifth of a secret code scattered through the all 25 disks.”